Healthy Eating

It’s easy to get healthy if you know how. With the help of our seasoned store managers from branches across the country, we’re taking a closer look at great products for a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure the whole family get their five a day, and stay fighting fit whatever the weather. Take a look at our healthy eating tips below and find out how to cut out extra calories, amp up your energy levels and get the most out of your food.

Extract Away!

Getting your five a day has always been a vital method to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, though it can be tough to fit them all in.

The vitamins and nutrients in fruit and veg can help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease and other illnesses.

A great solution is the NUTRiBullet. With this clever gadget, the super-fast blades rip through fruit and veg skins, seeds and joining fibres, giving you a smooth, nutrition-packed health drink. Cheers!

Soup's Up

Soup is so much more than a home remedy for coughs and colds – it’s an efficient way of preserving all the nutrients present in your food that would otherwise be lost with boiling or frying.

This low calorie option is a versatile and easy way to eat healthily and heartily.

The Giles & Poser Soup Maker makes it quick and easy to make soup a staple part of your diet. In just 20 minutes, it’ll be soups-o’clock! You can make fruit smoothies too to keep your healthy food choices varied.

Slice and Dice

One of the main things that gets in the way of our vegetable intake is the time it takes to prepare it all. Tips that save time and effort in the kitchen are proven to make healthy eating choices much more likely.

Enter the Tefal Fresh Express Max – the kitchen hero that will slice, grate, dice and chop your vegetables and fruit in seconds. You’ll be able to put together your tasty, healthy meals in no time. Simple!

Go Oil-Free

One thing we forget about when cooking our healthy meals is the products we use to cook them. Using lots of oil or fat to fry even the most nutritious foods will take away from all the good that you could be doing.

It’s important to make sure that your tools are pulling their weight too!

The Ceracraft Ceramic pan range is great because they are lined with a clever, non-stick coating. That means you’ll need virtually no oil, which’ll reduce calories and harmful saturated fats.

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