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Single Kitchen Knives

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Shop at Robert Dyas to discover a great assortment of slicing tools. Our wide range of Single Kitchen Knives come in all shapes and sizes! You'll find a great variety of knives to complete your cookware collection. Browse below and take your pick from our selection of stylish designs from trusted brands, and limited edition lines such as the Prochef range which is Exclusive to Robert Dyas.

  • Sabatier Trompette Paring Knife - 10cm
  • Sabatier Trompette All Purpose Knife - 13cm
  • Sabatier Trompette Carving Knife - 19cm
  • Kenwood Electric Kitchen Knife

    Kenwood Electric Kitchen Knife

    £22.99 £16.99
    Save £6
  • Richardsons Sheffield V Sabatier Cleaver - 16.5cm
  • V Sabatier Starter Set - 3 pieces
  • Richardsons Sheffield V Sabatier Bread Knife - 22.5cm
  • Richardsons Sheffield V Sabatier Pallet Knife - 19cm
  • Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier Cooks Knife - 20cm
  • V Sabatier Cooks Knife - 15cm
  • Sabatier Trompette Santuko Knife - 12.5cm
  • V Sabatier All Purpose Knife
  • Sabatier Trompette Bread Knife - 19cm
  • Sabatier Trompette Cook's Knife - 20cm
  • Sabatier Trompette Cook's Knife - 15cm
  • V Sabatier Paring Knife
  • Tala Pallet Knife

    Tala Pallet Knife

    3 for 2 Mix & Match Bakeware Accessories
  • Laser Cuisine Paring Knife - 10cm Blade
  • Amefa Laser All Purpose Knife - 11.5cm
  • Amefa Laser Bread Knife - 20cm
  • Amefa Laser Cook's Knife - 20cm
  • Amefa Laser Cuisine Cook's Knife - 15cm

22 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction