The World Of Rattan

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  • Grenada 4 Seater Rattan Set
  • Kingfisher 5 Piece Set
  • Lilo 7 piece set

5 Reasons To Buy Rattan

Lilo Elegance Multi-Relaxer

  1. Comfort

    Rattan is a comfortable textile and looks great in any setting. It is the most commonly used textile in the manufacture of garden furniture.
  2. Weather Resistant

    Rattan is both waterproof and resistant to UV Rays from the sun - with other garden sets, you may need to find storage for the wet months but with rattan, you can leave it out in your garden (or other setting).

  3. Durable

    Garden sets can normally be affected by exposure to the elements but not rattan - there's no discolouring or deterioration, just good looking furniture all year long.

  4. Little Maintenance

    Maintaining your garden set can sometimes require expensive liquids and a complex procedure - with rattan however, all you need to do is wash it down with water straight from the pipe every month or two.

  5. Lots of Choice

    The different qualities of rattan allow manufacturers to come up with different designs - this means there is a range of different types of rattan furniture and sets for you to choose from.

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