3 Socially Distanced Summer Holiday Games
August 03, 2020

The school routine is up in the air for most, as Covid-19 continues to disrupt ordinary life across the country. Whether you or your young ones love, or loath learning from home, the summer holidays have come as a welcome respite from maths on tablets, spelling at the dinner table, or back garden geography.


What to play though? All this digital learning may have your family tired of screen time, particularly when the sun is (occasionally) shining. When that happens, it is time to go old school, hit the park, and play. We’ve got a few games that can help with that, and all possible while socially distancing.


No children? No worries. These games are fun for little and big kids alike:


How is your throwing arm? That bad, huh? No worries, you’ll be aiming down at this solid wood scoring board and your rings are made for rope, for everyone’s safety. Hours of fun in the park, your garden, or balcony.


The ultimate game of skill as you step up and decide whether to go for power or accuracy in your bid to become Boules champion. Set the position of the white jack ball, and then take it in turns to throw your ball closest to it. Closest wins, simple. But also very challenging.


Like darts, but, bigger, and with a ton of accuracy still needed. Aim the weighted darts with that perfect arm swing at the ring. Playing against somebody who is a dab hand at the kind of thing? Increase their throwing distance to even things up a bit. A great park activity, as it needs a fair bit of room.


A few important rules for this one:


Don’t allow children to play unsupervised

Don’t stand forward of the throwing player

Don’t play the game in crowded areas

Do have fun