5 Christmas Tree Styles To Try
December 08, 2020

It’s easy to get into a bit of a rut with Christmas tree decorating; playing it safe and sticking to tried and tested methods. Why not mix things up this Christmas with our handpicked ideas to breathe new life into your festive decorating. To help get you started, we’ve added handy links to the products that you’ll need to give your Christmas tree an exciting and joyful, new look!

Christmas card tree

Image credit:  Monica Buck/Pinterest

Display some Christmas goodwill for all to see by decorating your tree creatively with Christmas cards you receive. Add a few more picturesque ones by hunting down vintage cards in shops or even sentimental ones that you have stored away. Clip them to ribbons or string lights to create an eye catching effect.

Wrap some of our string lights around your tree for a vibrant decoration to hang your cards from.

Bow-topped Christmas tree

Image credit: Kate Sears/Pinterest

So many people seem to opt for a star topper these days, and while they are nice and create that magical festive feel, you could wow your guests by changing it up and topping your tree with a beautiful bow instead. Soft warm lights make a good combination for this design to draw the eye towards your unique feature. Plus, bows can add a touch of luxury to your Christmas setup.

Check out our red tinsel bow to complete this design and maybe some warm white net lights to further complement it.

Snowflake Christmas tree

Image credit: Monica Buck/Pinterest

Nothing says Christmas like an intricate, traditional snowflake, so imagine having a tree covered in them. A green tree featuring contrasting white snowflake decorations is striking and evokes jolly feelings of a picturesque white Christmas. Bring the winter wonderland feeling indoors.

Let it glow with our snowflake light decorations that can be hung around your winter creation.

Santa Claus Christmas tree

Image credit: Michael Partenio/Pinterest

The perfect homage to the big man himself (luckily Santa has been given the green light to travel around the world on his sleigh this year as he is classed as essential travel, phew, we were a little bit worried). Choose a red and white themed tree that reminds everyone of the iconic gift giver. Red and white baubles are a great fit for this as well as red lights. Wondering what to add for the finishing touch? A red santa hat as a topper will complete the theme perfectly.

Choose our red santa hat for the topper and classic red lights to create this gleeful Christmas tree.

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Image credit: Melissa Coleman/Pinterest

Sometimes understated and simple is just as impressive as loud and detailed Christmas decorations. This look is inspired by the tree in the Peanuts film. Less is definitely more in this case. Minimalist chic which matches a simple faux tree with a few colourful baubles would work well in an array of homes. A star topper is the perfect embellishment to finish off this lovely, minimal Christmas tree.

Recreate this look with our bauble set with star topper.