5 Fun Garden Ideas to Enjoy Your Holiday at Home
July 12, 2021

Opting for a staycay this summer? You can have just as much fun - you just need to know how! Check out our holiday at home ideas for tips on what to do in your garden, so you can enjoy your time off to the max.

What to do during your holiday at home

From bringing the caribbean to your garden to having fun splashing around with the family, we’ve got some great tips for you and your nearest and dearest.

Create a tropical holiday vibe in your garden

Why go to St Lucia when you can bring St Lucia to your garden? OK, it might not be exactly the same but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t have just as much fun. All you need is the right kit and you’ve got instant tropical vibes!  


  • - First up: the sun lounger. Make your garden your beach and soak up those rays - and don’t forget your parasol!


  • - What’s a holiday without a cheeky drink? Whether it’s a cocktail or a mocktail, grab your shaker and get those Pina Coladas lined up. 


  • - Set the scene with some feel-good tropical music - just sync up your phone with a speaker and enjoy your personal steel drum band. 


  • - Of course, it’s not a holiday without some delicious bites to eat. Grill while you chill with a gas or charcoal barbecue and live the good life. 


  • - For days that are super-hot and evenings when you want to party with friends, a gazebo is ideal. Put your barbecue or outdoor furniture underneath it or simply hang out under there with your mates, music and mojitos. 

Create a garden spa

Pamper yourself and live a life of luxury by creating a spa for your stay at home holiday.


  • - An inviting bubbly hot tub is the ultimate item when it comes to luxuriating. Add some fizz and enjoy bubbles of both types with your friends or partner. 


  • - When placed under a gazebo, hot tubs are taken to the next level. Adorn your gazebo with string lights and you can enjoy your bubbles with some sparkle and ambience.

Grow some plants

If you’re more of a hands-on type, get busy planting up in your garden. There are endless things you can do to transform your space. 


  • - Try growing some veg in a raised bed, or a fruit tree in a pot. One day you could be stepping out the door and picking juicy blueberries from your lovely potted tree, or tucking into a meal made from delicious home-grown veg. 


  • - Flowers will make-over any garden - all you need is some seeds. Choose tall, stately blooms like foxgloves or pretty English garden flowers like Canterbury Bells. 


  • - Try starting off a permaculture forest garden in one area - once it’s established, it’s self-sufficient like a forest, so you’ll have food growing year after year with minimal effort and maximum benefits for the environment. 


If it’s a family staycay you’re having, you need to make it fun of course! Here are some fun holiday activities for kids and all the family. 


  • - A trampoline will be a sure-fire hit with the kids, which means more relaxation time for you - win!


  • - Garden games are great fun for all the family. Choose from rounders, tumbling tower blocks, Velcro tennis… there’s all sorts you can enjoy together. 



  • - Let the little ones splash around with an inflatable pool - they’ll have hours of fun!

Now you’ve read our tips, are you looking forward to trying some of our holiday at home ideas? If so, we hope your staycay is a super one. Whether it’s a tropical garden, a spa or a family stay at home holiday you’re planning, enjoy!