6 Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn Mower
June 10, 2020

Rocks, rubbish, and other unidentified grounded objects are going to put your lawn mower through its paces. A few minutes spent on lawn mower maintenance can save you a ton of time and money repairing or replacing a broken one. Show your lawn mower some technical loving care (TLC) with these easy tips:


The mower’s manual


  1. Start it up
  2. Aim at overgrown grass
  3. Walk


Mowing a lawn is pretty simple, so you probably didn’t look at its user manual in too much detail. But like a clothing label tells you how to take care of your new jumper, the garden kit’s manual will show you how to maintain your lawn mower. It could well be the difference between it lasting a couple of years, or a couple of decades.


Check your spark plug


A quick win for lawn mower maintenance, because it only takes a few minutes to sort out. Remove its cap and have a looksee. Could it do with a wipe down? Remove it with a socket wrench and clean it up. Consider replacing it for under a fiver if it’s too dirty. 


A faulty spark plug will mean your lawn mower takes longer to get going. The longer it takes to start mowing, the longer it takes to finish.


Give it a good clean


Noticed that mowing is taking longer than usual? It might be because there’s a build up of grass underneath it. To get it spick and spam again, tip it on its side (making sure the air filter is facing upwards to stop oil or dirt pouring into it) and wipe the underside with a damp cloth, this should also prevent it from rusting. Give the wheels a wiggle as well while you’re down there. If they are loose, tighten the bolts with a wrench.


Clean air filter


Another part of your lawn mower that will get filthy over time. Replacing it when it gets dirty is key to lawn mower maintenance. That’s because a clogged air filter smothers your engine and doesn’t allow the correct amount of air to burn with the fuel. The end result being less horsepower and more time and effort needed mid-mow.


Dipstick check


Ideally one of those monthly ways to show your lawn mower you care. Pull it out, wipe until it is shiny clean, re-insert it and then pull it back out again. The oil level should hit the marked line. Top it up if it doesn’t, but make sure you check your mower’s user manual for which type of oil is needed.


Empty that gas tank


As winter starts to bite, your thoughts may turn to duvet days over mowing mornings. Understandable. But try to remember to use the remaining gas or empty it as autumn ends and to use fresh gas when spring comes back around. Old forgotten gas is one of the common reasons a mower won’t start.