7 Important Benefits of Filtered Water
January 03, 2024

To filter, or not to filter? That is the question.

While the UK has some of the best water compliance rates around, drinking filtered water has a number of advantages over standard tap water, and can improve both your health and lifestyle. To help give you a fuller understanding about the benefits of filtered water, we’ve pulled together seven key factors to consider, as well as a useful buying guide that takes a look at the best of our water filtration range.

Water filters are…

1. Healthier

Protecting your body from disease and promoting better day-to-day health is one of the biggest benefits associated with filtered water. Not only does purer, healthier water give your immune system a valuable boost, but it also removes up to 99% of chlorine in water, which has been linked to cancer.

2. Safer

As the last line of defence between your body and the hundreds of toxins that may be present in tap water, filters provide an invaluable service. By selectively removing dangerous contaminants such as lead from your drinking water, while retaining healthy mineral deposits, you’ll find that a handy jug, bottle or tap filter is a simple route to safer water.

3. Better for kids

Cleaner, healthier drinking water is essential for growing children, which is why water that’s had chemicals and impurities removed is ideal. For the same reason, filtered water is also beneficial for pregnant women.

4. Cheaper

Bottled water is an obvious alternative to filling up straight from the tap, but it isn’t easy on the bank balance! Avoid stocking up on costly branded mineral water by investing in a reliable filter that will keep you topped up for weeks.

5. Eco-friendly

As well as being easier on the purse strings, filtered water also offers a far more environmentally friendly solution to cleaner drinking. Rather than overloading on plastic bottles, do your part for the environment and go green with a water filter jug, tap or bottle.

6. Better tasting

By removing residual chemicals that come out of the tap, filters provide you with drinking water that both smells and tastes better. Inspire yourself to stay hydrated with a cleaner, more refreshing flavour!

7. Convenient 

At the end of the day, whether you’re using it to cook, to refill your kettle or drink, enjoying purer water is quick and easy with a filter. Our range of water filter taps makes the job even more straightforward by purifying your drinking water as soon as you switch them on.

Which type of water filter is best?

Whether you’re looking after your family’s wellbeing, drinking more healthily on the go or keeping your hydration cleaner at the office, we have a great range of water purifiers to suit all lifestyles. Have a read and decide which type of filtration is the best fit for you.

Water Filter Jugs

The most common and versatile way of keeping your water purified, water filter jugs are perfect for your home or workplace. Easy to fill, pick up and move from room to room, they can also be stored in the fridge to give you clean, chilled water when you need it the most. 

Our Top Pick: Brita Maxtra+ Aluna Water Filter Jug

Brita water filters are arguably the most recognisable filters out there, and with the generous size and high-quality of Brita Maxtra filters, Brita's Elemaris range offers great value for money. Perfect for larger households or those looking to avoid frequent trips to the office kitchen!

Water Filter Bottles

Great for a busy lifestyle, water filter bottles let you enjoy purer water on the go, whether you’re hitting the gym, out for a run or just commuting to work. Simple to use and maintain, they’re a great way of promoting a healthier daily routine through cleaner and more regular hydration.

Our Top Pick: Brita Water Filter Bottle - 600ml

Bringing all the efficiency and reliability of Brita’s renowned filtration system into a handy bottle, it's both stylish and practical. It uses MicroDisc filters to give you perfectly filtered tap water from a compact sports bottle design and is also dishwasher-safe.