An Amazingly Fun Exercise for Kids that They’ll LOVE
February 19, 2020

No kid wants to go out for a jog, and a lot don’t want to do any sort of sports. And taking them swimming or to a class? Well, it all takes time, which is especially hard when you’re a busy working parent.

So when it comes to how to get the kids fit, what can you do to make it easier for the both of you? 

The secret is not only to do something fun, but to do it right at home in your garden. In a word: trampolining! 

Trampolining is a fantastically fun exercise for kids. All that bouncing, flipping, gymnast move-busting activity is such a great way to get the kids fit and keep them healthy and entertained. (And if you love it too, that’s bye bye to the boring gym and hello to getting fit at home the fun way. It’s a win-win!)

When it’s time to choose which to go for, we highly recommend Plum’s new and exciting model. They’ve created a trampoline unlike any seen before, called the Plum BOWL Freebound Trampoline. It features a unique curved perimeter, silent bungees and an iconic bowl shape so the user can bounce off the sides safely while enjoying maximum freedom for their moves.

This premium piece of equipment will get the young ones burning calories, strengthening bones and doing lots of cardio. With a legendary bounce inspired by extreme sports and urban landscapes, it’s designed to thrill and challenge their skills in creating new moves. 

Now if that’s not a fun exercise for kids to help keep them fit, we don’t know what is!

7 Reasons we love the Plum BOWL Freebound Trampoline

1. It’s a revolutionary take on the traditional flat-bed trampoline: It features a new iconic shape that provides better form and function, while the freestyle trackmat creates a new contour play pattern, allowing kids to express themselves through movement in boundless directions. Track prints on the mat help them visualise their movement and can be used as markers to enhance ‘freebounding’. Exciting! 

2. It’s compact enough for your garden. With a diameter of 4.16m and a height of 2.58m, it provides an excellent space to bounce in while not being too imposing.  

3. It’s durable and can maintain a strong structural form, being able to carry 120Kg (18stone 9lbs), that’s  guaranteed to last for at least a decade. 

4. The unique ‘freebound’ environment allows practice in lots of different ways. Practising flips, rolls and somersaults is just the beginning for how the Plum BOWL can become a key part of your child’s training regime as well as heaps of fun.

5. It’s the safest way to bounce. A hi-visibility reflective entrance secures the enclosure during use, while durable cushioning protects the frame and provides safe entry. The surrounding netting is extra-thick with a super-soft feel that prevents injury.  Having no pit falls and no gaps to fall in means the kids can get creative and moving in fearless fashion!

6. Innovative super-soft bungees are designed for silence. Held by a secure clip, 136 bungees work in unison to keep the trackmat taut to the trampoline frame in order to get the most out of every bounce. Rusting springs and noises that inhibit your trampolining are a thing of the past! Each bungee is also made from 120 individual elastic threads, encased in a woven nylon for the highest performance and durability.

7. Assembly is easier than other trampolines. Just stretch and secure the bungees into place to form the BOWL structure. The padding is divided into eight separate sections for easy installation with each section meeting to unite the protective pad. Simple!


Set to inspire children from the age of six to their teenage years and beyond, Plum BOWL will not only get your child off their videogames and out of the house, but encourage the new generation of athletes and fitness professionals thanks to its innovative design. It can complement training in all sorts of sports, from kickboxing to ballet, skateboarding to gymnastics. 

Grace, a seven-year-old ballerina who uses the Plum BOWL says: “I like trampolining because it’s much easier to jump and practice on than the hard floor is. It’s really nice to let loose. You easily realise you can achieve much more if you work hard at it.”

Eddie, a thirteen-year-old parkour enthusiast explained: “I love trampolining. I love gymnastics and parkour. When I do freerunning and parkour I take my skills from the Plum BOWL Trampoline. It uses different levels and different angles so you can do tricks off the side. You jump from ledge to ledge doing flips and amazing stunts and I just love the thrill of doing that. I use it to overcome the fear of taking my skills from the trampoline to the ground. It’s really exciting and it gets my blood flowing and my heart racing. It makes me feel on the edge and free to be and do whatever I want.”

With a Plum BOWL, your child’s fitness levels will soar and they’ll have a new hobby to enjoy. Their mental health will likely improve too, thanks to all those exercise-induced endorphins. 

Once they try it, they’ll love you for it. 


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