Autumn Activities for Kids
September 23, 2019

Stuck for ideas when it comes to autumn activities for kids? Luckily, we’ve made a list of exciting ideas that children will love! There are heaps of things you can do, from fun autumn bakes to mud-pie making to simple autumn crafts to make together. Read on and keep the keeps entertained all season!

Rustle up mud pies

What could kids love more than to get stuck in and mush up some mud pies? With all the acorns, pinecones and autumn foliage to finish off their creations, it’s heaps of fun for little ones. Even better - they could do it in their very own mud pie kitchen with saucepans, a stove and all!

Bake autumn wildlife

Baking’s always a good shout when it comes to autumn activities for kids. You could make hedgehog-shaped biscuits covered in either icing, spiky chocolate chips or brown hundreds and thousands. Or you could try mice, squirrels and birds! Leaf-shaped biccies would be fun to make too - the kids could draw around leaves found in the garden and use as stencils for the bakes.

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Make cake-pop conkers

Super-easy to make, all you need to do is whip up some cake mixture and then roll into balls! Coat them with chocolate when they’ve cooled and leave a gap on the top to create a conker-esque finish.

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Make fat balls for the birds

Birds love fat balls and at this time of year they’re great for giving them a little extra energy and warmth. You can buy fat balls but they’re easy to make too, so it’s a great autumn activity for kids - especially as they can watch their feathered friends enjoying them afterwards! To make them, simply follow these steps:

Mix vegetable, lard or suet fat (avoid turkey as it doesn’t set the same and can harm the birds) with seeds, nuts or oats

Roll them into balls using a spoon or ice cream scoop and allow them to set in the fridge overnight
Pop them in a suet ball feeder or on a bird table and watch the birds feast!

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Make Halloween smoothies

Ghoulish green, pumpkin orange, blood red… Getting creative with some fruit and veg can have excellent impact (and it’s a great excuse to get the kids eating healthily too!). All you need is a blender and your ingredients. Use green leafy veg with apples, melons or other fruits for frighteningly green smoothies; pumpkin, oranges and cinnamon for another; and cherries, berries and a dash of beetroot mixed with a little orange juice for the vampire smoothie!

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Make a fairy house

Why carve pumpkins just at Halloween? They’re in abundance in autumn, along with all varieties of squashes, so help the kids turn one into a cute fairy house with a window and door, and decorate it with autumn foliage.

Go on a country wildlife bike ride

Ideal for both entertaining the children and keeping them fit, a country bike ride will go down a real treat. Take scenic routes like bridle paths and keep an eye out for the local wildlife - see how many they can spot! If you don’t already have a bike, we’ve got a huge selection of men’s, women’s and kids bikes.

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Collect leaves for simple autumn crafts

Whether it’s a colourful collage, a 3D lion with a leafy mane or an acorn boat with a leaf for a sail, there are loads of things for kids to make from autumn leaves. They’ll love taking their own wheelbarrow out to the garden and collecting them before they get stuck into their crafts.