Illuminate Wardrobes and Dark Spaces Wirelessly with These Amazing Battery Operated Lights
November 07, 2018

Whether you need wardrobe lighting, cupboard lights or stick on wall lights for your shed or garage, battery operated lights provide a super-simple solution to your problems.

As you might have seen on TV, the JML Super Bright LED Switches and Tri Bright LED Lights are ideal: they’re super easy to attach and there’s absolutely no wiring required.

super bright battery operated lightssuper bright battery operated lights

JML Super Bright Battery Operated LED Switches

Install in seconds • No wiring required • Stick to virtually any surface • Quickly remove to use as a flashlight

All you need to do is stick them on and flip the switch! Or, if you’d rather hang them or attach them to metal surfaces, simply use the peg holes or magnets on the back. They’re ideal for cupboards, wardrobes, tool boxes and sticking on the walls by children’s beds for night-time reading.


tri bright battery operated lights mintri bright battery operated lights min

JML Tri Bright LED Battery Operated Lights

Install in seconds • No wiring required • Stick to virtually any surface • Fully remote controlled, or simply push on and off • Dimming and timer functions

With five energy-efficient LEDs each, these stick on lights are a godsend for dark spaces, and can be attached anywhere. To use, you simply push each one individually on and off, or use the handy remote control to turn all three on at once. They even have the added features of both a timer and dimmer function, so you can set them to come on at night or dim them for a softer glow.


So say goodbye to straining your eyes to see the spices in the cupboard, or searching for torches for the shed — simply attach the stick on lights and voila! Problems solved.