The Best BBQs For This Season
April 25, 2024

As soon as the sun makes an appearance, it’s barbecue season as far as we Brits are concerned. And that means having the perfect barbecue for all those tasty grilled meats and smoky skewers. But which BBQ is best? With all the different types, from gas to charcoal and even electric, it can be quite a task to find the right one for your needs. 

At Robert Dyas, our experts have years of experience, so you’re in safe hands. We’ll walk you through all the best BBQs for your outdoor parties and al fresco dinners so you can enjoy barbecue season to the max.

Deciding Between Gas, Charcoal or Electric BBQs

The different barbecue types each have their own unique offerings, like the hands-on experience of a charcoal grill or the ease and speed of a gas model. Electric types are easy and safe to use as you don’t need an open fire, so smoke and ash will never be a problem. These are ideal for balconies and small patios or gardens. 

In the end, it’s often down to personal preference and finding out which is the best barbecue to suit the size of your space. 

The Best BBQs For This Season 

In our experts’ top picks for this spring/summer, there’s something for every barbecue lover, from compact electric grills to family-sized models, and even the best portable BBQ that’ll fit right on your tabletop. Once you’ve chosen which you’d like, find our expert tips on how to start a BBQ and get ready for that smoky goodness.

Char-Broil Smart-E Electric BBQ

For an authentic barbecue experience at the touch of a button, the Char-Boil Electric BBQ may be the one for you. Save yourself a trip to the shops because there’s no gas or charcoal needed: simply plug in and you’re ready to grill. TRU-Infrared™ Technology will give you 50% juicier barbecued food, while the SMART-E feature guarantees maximum heat up to 370 degrees. This compact barbecue has two foldable shelves to give you extra room for plates and save space when not in use, and even has an auto-clean setting to help you with the clean-up. So start planning your summer party and enjoy the ease this barbecue offers.

Outback Omega 250 2-Burner Gas BBQ in Classic Black

One of our most popular and best small barbecues – an award-winner in fact – the Outback Omega 250 2-Burner is compact for smaller gardens and versatile too, allowing you to cook all manner of meat and veg. A handy folding side table provides more space to work with and the push-button ignition makes grilling fast and easy work: simply turn it on when the time is right, rather than start the charcoal burning an hour in advance. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, the Omega 250 ticks all the boxes.

Char-Broil Kettleman Charcoal BBQ

The Char-Broil Kettleman is another great choice for those with smaller outdoor spaces and does more with less charcoal, saving you money on fuel. With a lid-mounted temperature gauge, you can perfectly time the cooking of specific foods, while a no-fall-through grate will prevent flare-ups for a hassle-free cooking experience. Voted an Indy Best Buy in The Independent, it has plenty of features that make it a top choice for any barbecue enthusiast. 

The Best Table Top BBQ: Cadac Citi Chef 40 Gas BBQ

If you have limited space or are looking for a barbecue that you can take with you on camping trips, the Cadac Citi Chef is a top choice. With apartment living on the rise, it’s the ideal solution for any balcony, patio or terrace, and even offers modular cooking surfaces: simply swap surfaces to create a paella, or to grill, barbecue, bake or roast. With all these features, the Citi Chef may be small but it certainly is mighty.

Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill and Smoker

For serious barbecue enthusiasts, the Ninja Woodfire is a top investment option as it’s an electric BBQ grill, smoker and air fryer all in one, with woodfire technology. Packed with exciting features, it’s one of the best barbecues fanatics could have: the Woodfire Technology burns real wood pellets to fire up the flavour without the fuss – electric power means no charcoal, gas or flames. With this great piece of kit, you can take the kitchen outdoors with seven cooking functions: grill, smoke, air fry, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate. 

Landmann Rexon Cook 3.1 Burner Gas BBQ

The ideal choice for families and those hosting a barbecue party this summer, the Landmann Rexon Cook 3.1 has some great features. The double-skinned hood with a built-in thermometer retains the heat while cooking, allowing you to grill your food to specific timings and temperatures for perfect results. The side burner enables you to make smaller side dishes at different temperatures and the Landmann Power Thermal Spreading System ensures even cooking and allows for precise temperature control. 

Flamemaster 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ

The Flamemaster 2-Burner is one of our best BBQs for sheer convenience: Gas makes it instantly easy to use as you can fire up your grill at the touch of a button; wheels allow for easy portability; folding side tables provide extra workspace and easy storage; and a window in the lid enables you to keep an eye on your food without letting out heat, so you can grill your burgers to perfection every time. There’ll certainly be no complaints from your guests aboutwith this barbecue. 

Our Experts’ Buying Tips When Purchasing a BBQ

When buying a barbecue it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you get the best one to suit your needs. Whether you’re a first-time barbecue buyer or a seasoned purchaser, we recommend you bear in mind the following:

  • The size of the cooking surface: Do you have a big family and often have lots of guests or will you only be cooking for a small number?
  • The type of fuel: Gas, charcoal, hybrid and electric all have their unique benefits. 
  • Heating power: Barbecues with hoods offer more precise cooking temperatures than open grills. 
  • Cooking zones and modular features: Multiple burners on gas grills and modular cooking areas allow you to cook multiple foods differently – a key feature for big BBQ enthusiasts who have a lot of guests to please. 

Lastly, remember to use a barbecue cover when your grill’s not in use to protect it from the elements and keep it in top condition.  


Want to see more? Our range has some of the best BBQs and includes so many different types with top-of-the-range features, you’re bound to find one you love. Once you do, it’s time to get that grill fired up – barbecue season has only just begun!