Best Eco Cleaning Products for the Big Spring Clean


Best Eco Cleaning Products for the Big Spring Clean

January 30, 2019

Not started the spring clean yet? If you care about the planet, you might want to switch your chemicals for some eco cleaning products. Just as effective as non-eco cleaners, they’ll leave your home sparkling without the environmental impact. We stock heaps of these amazing products and we can tell you now: they’re flying off the shelves. Here’s a list of our very best ecological cleaning products for a super-green spring clean.

The Method Range

Whether you’re after an anti-bac all purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner or even a hand wash, Method’s natural cleaning products are a great shout. This green brand offers all sorts of heavenly-smelling products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and even assessed by independent scientists to ensure environmentally friendly quality and safety for people. Plus, their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning a lot less waste ending up in the oceans and a lot less energy used to create virgin plastic. With plastic breaking down into micro particles and entering the food chain*, Method’s recycled bottles are great news for the planet.

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Dri-Pak White Vinegar

Not only has this traditional, trusted cleaning product been used successfully for decades, but it’s highly versatile too. Use it for cleaning glass and mirrors, removing limescale build-up, adding to washing machine cycles and so much more for a whole-home clean.

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Dri Pak Bicarbonate of Soda

Known for its abrasive and deodorising properties, bicarbonate of soda has been used for over a century to clean, scour, deodorise and even soften water. In fact, there’s almost nothing it can’t do. It can be used as a carpet freshener, oven cleaner, sterling silver jewellery polish, surface cleaner… all sorts. And it’s extra-powerful when combined with white vinegar – simply sprinkle the bicarb onto your surface, spray on some vinegar which will make it fizz, and then wipe it off with a cloth after 30 seconds or so. It also gains eco points for being packed in 100% recycled cardboard!

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Ecover Washing Up Liquid

Don’t forget your dishes as you embark upon your spring clean. Ecover washing up liquid cuts straight through grease without leaving a trail of toxins in its wake. They’re made using plant-based and mineral ingredients with no nasty chemicals, meaning they’re kinder on your hands as well as the environment.

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Dri-Pak Cleaning Soda Crystals

Forget pouring chemicals down the drains to remove blockages – traditional old soda crystals will do the job just as well. In fact, these naturally-occurring biodegradable little gems can be used to do all kinds of jobs, from deodorising the washing machine to removing burnt-on deposits in pots and pans.

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Ecoegg 210-Wash Soft Cotton Laundry Egg

Replace your standard laundry detergent with this natural alternative that requires no powder, liquid, tablets of gels. Filled with two mineral pellets that last up to 210 washes, it creates a powerful cleaning foam to lift dirt and grime from all your clothes whilst still being great for sensitive skin. Plus, because you won’t have to buy expensive detergents, you’ll save money while helping the environment.

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Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes

Made from pure soap with no additives, fragrances or palm oil, these liquid soap flakes are an easy way to clean clothes, fabrics and more. Use them in your laundry to clean delicate fabrics or around the home to clean furniture, floors and surfaces.

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Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks

Keep your drains free-flowing and clean-smelling using without the need for harsh chemical drain unblockers. These sticks use powerful natural bacteria and enzymes to break down grease, fat and food blockages, helping to remove bad odours from kitchen and bathroom drains. They keep working continuously to help prevent blockages and each stick lasts approximately one month. This pack includes 12 sticks which is enough to keep your drains clear for up to one year.

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Kilrock Eco-Friendly Descaler

This effective descaler is made from natural ingredients for fast and effective cleaning with a low impact on the environment. The natural formula makes this eco cleaning product biodegradable and phosphate-free, making it suitable for a multitude of uses, including kettles, irons, shower heads and more.

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OzKleen Mint Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This environmentally friendly cleaning product contains no artificial disinfectants, chlorine, ammonia or phosphates, so it can be used safely near food and will continue to inhibit germs longer than most other cleaners. Even without all these harsh chemicals, it’ll still kill up to 99.9% of germs! It also leaves a small film of peppermint oil behind on the surface to help keep the immediate environment pest-free.

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*Find out about more about microplastics

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