Fun Children’s Gardening Ideas
May 17, 2024

Spending time in the garden is great for kids’ mental and physical health, and green spaces are always full of treasures for them to delight in. There’s a rich variety of activities that kids can do in the garden, so make use of what nature has to offer with our top children’s gardening ideas. They’ll have heaps of fun – and will learn something too!

Do Some ‘Chaos Gardening’

Need a new flower bed that’s low-maintenance? Choose some new seed packets together, gather any old seeds you can find and get the kids to scatter them all over your chosen patch. Watching them grow will be heaps of fun as your little ones work out which type of plant is which, and spot carrot tops and other edible crops peeking out of the ground in the midst of an eclectic mass of flowers.

Grow Cress Initials

Quick-growing cress is super-easy to grow and the results can be seen fast. Help your child draw the first letter of their name in a pot filled with compost and then sprinkle the seeds along the lines. They’ll grow into their own personalised cress initial which your little one will be delighted with.

Plant Strawberries in Hanging Baskets

Strawberries grown in hanging baskets (or anywhere you like in the garden) are always a winner. Kids love these sweet berries and spotting which ones are ripe and ready to eat is lots of fun. Whether crops are large or small, it doesn’t matter – there’ll be some new strawberries every day for your little ones to spot and gobble up.

Help Them Grow Their Own Beanstalk

Take part in our Little Plant & Pause competition and help your child grow their own beanstalk! Simply visit any Robert Dyas store for a free pack of runner bean seeds and when your child’s beanstalk is as tall as Jack’s, tag us on Instagram @robertdyas with your best photo by July 31st, with the hashtag #LittlePlantandPause. You could win a fantastic bundle of children’s outdoor games and gardening equipment!

Create a Dinosaur Garden

Want to make growing crops fun? Tell your kids you’re growing food for different types of dinosaurs and place a toy dino in each pot. Grow carrots for the tricarrot-tops, strawberries for the strawberrysaurus, cress for the cressoraptor and so on!

Dig Up and Hatch Dino Eggs

If they love digging, bury some dinosaur eggs in the soil and get your kids to dig them up and hatch them! All you have to do is get a few little plastic dinosaur toys, put each inside a balloon, fill them with water and freeze them. Bury the frozen ‘eggs’ in the garden and the kids will be thrilled to dig up the baby dinos and hatch them by running the ice under a warm tap! 

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Plant Up Funny Faces

Grab some small pots (or even egg shells), fill them with compost and sow the seeds of something green. Then stick on some googly eyes and a felt nose and draw on a smile (or frown!). The hair will soon complete the picture, whether it’s long straight grass, curly leaf parsley or wispy cress.

Plant a Herb Garden

Aromatic herbs create a great sensory experience for kids: they can rub the leaves between their fingers and enjoy the scent of each – and then help you pick them for cooking with!

Make a Home for Insects with Garden Material

Kids love spotting creepy crawlies, so encourage bugs to set up home in your garden. Create a pile of dry leaves, twigs, pine cones and bits of bark, and insects will flock to this warm, dry new home. You’ll soon have woodlice, ladybirds, spiders and even frogs or hedgehogs that your children will love to spot.

Create Garden Artwork

There are heaps of different materials in the garden which your children can collect in a bucket and use for craft activities. Try finding delicate leaf skeletons to stick down on paper, cut up spare veggies to use as paint prints, make rubbings of hard textured tree bark, and scatter and glue down seeds collected from spent plants. The possibilities are endless!

Grow Climbing Cucumber Crocodiles

From May onwards you can sow cucumber seeds and some of the best ones to grow outdoors are the hardy types with little spikes. Get the kids to help you stick three or four canes into a big pot filled with compost to create a teepee for the plant to climb. Then sow two seeds next to the base of each cane, picking out the weakest seedling from each pair once they grow. These thirsty plants need lots of watering which the kids will be more than happy to help with every day, and when each cucumber is big enough you can help them cut them off the stalk and slice out a V-shaped chunk at one end to create crocodile jaws! Loads of fun to gobble up after growing.

If you need any garden supplies to bring any of our children’s gardening ideas to life, we’re here for you with everything you need, whether it’s compost, pots, seeds or live plants. Whichever activity you choose, enjoy your gardening time together – you’ll have memories to treasure.