Christmas Light Projector Buying Guide
November 24, 2021

No ladders, no time-consuming decorating – a Christmas light projector is a godsend if you want hassle-free décor. All you need to do is stake it into the ground, turn it on at the wall and you’ve got sparkles in seconds. But which one does the job best?

Have a read below and see which type’s best for you. 

What Are Christmas Light Projectors?

Christmas light projectors are devices that project festive images onto a window or the outside of your house. The images can be static or animated, and many projectors come with multiple themes so you can choose from snowflakes, Christmas trees, sparkly patterns and even dynamic mini-movies. 

Some projectors also come with additional party themes, so you can use them for Halloween, birthdays and other celebrations. 

The biggest benefit of using light projectors over other decorations is that they’re incredibly easy to use. There are no ladders involved, no time spent hanging up lights from gutters - you simply put the stake in the ground and turn it on. Plus, as some display exciting animated movies, they can really add some fun to the festive season!

What Is the Best Christmas Laser Projector?

Indoor Laser Light Projectors

Indoor projectors can add a lot more fun than traditional decorations. They’re ideal for your main windows at the front of the house so that passers-by can see your eye-catching displays.

One of our best models is the Christmas Workshop Festive Window Projector. It features 18 animated or video modes, so people walking past your house can see busy elves in their workshop, Santa dropping off presents by the chimney on Christmas Eve, or flying witches at Halloween. You could even recreate your own Home Alone scenario with dancing silhouettes! To use it, you simply cut the included translucent screen to your window size, stick it to your window and project the animation onto it.

We also have the Christmas Workshop Musical Animated Laser Light which, excitingly, allows you to draw your own festive images! Musical and animated, it’s one of the best choices for every season and celebration, with dynamic movies for Christmas, New Year, birthdays, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. As you can personalise your own greetings message, you and your neighbourhood will never tire of your ever-changing, creative displays!

Outdoor Laser Light Projectors

An outdoor Christmas projector is very similar to the indoor variety but projects the display onto the full exterior of your house, rather than one window. These easy-to-use devices are a great way to decorate your house if you either don’t have the time for traditional decorations or simply want to escape the hassle of it, while not compromising on effect. The displays are sure to turn heads when neighbours walk past!


To use, you simply push the stake into the ground at a distance from your house and it will project either static or moving displays. They tend to be mains-operated so you may need an extension lead to reach your outdoor socket.

For dazzling displays full of sparkle in festive red and green, this Outdoor Laser Light Projector is ideal. For a dose of maximalism, try the Christmas Workshop Snowflake Projector Light instead. This projects an attractive array of giant animated snowflakes onto your house.

So if it’s ease and impact you’re after, try a Christmas light projector. Whether you use it for the festive period, Halloween or other celebrations, your home will be the envy of the neighbourhood with barely any effort involved! 

For more ideas on how you can decorate for the season, check out our full Christmas range and get your home feeling festive.