Christmas Lights Buying Guide
November 13, 2019

You can’t have Christmas without a bit of sparkle, which is why we stock such a wide range of Christmas lights. From indoor Christmas tree lights to outdoor icicle decorations, we’ve got them all.

But we know it can be a little tricky when it comes to buying, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you choose the ones that are best for you.

Find out about the types and features of all our Christmas lights below and give your home the perfect festive twinkle!

Before you buy

Check whether your lights are suitable for use indoors or outdoors

If you’re buying plug-in string lights, check the length of the cable to make sure it will reach the mains supply

How many lights do you need per foot of Christmas tree?

As a rough guide, use 100 lights for every foot of Christmas tree. Wrap them evenly around the tree, starting from the bottom, and make sure you leave enough lights to make the top sparkle.

Types of Christmas lights

Our Christmas lights come in a range of shapes and sizes. Choose from any of the designs below.

Straight string lights

Traditional and attractive, these lights are always a popular choice.

Fairy string lights

These classic lights have a tapered edge and bags of traditional charm.

Cluster berry string lights

We offer both a multi-coloured option of these lights, and warm white. We also offer a multi-coloured version with glass bulbs, which have a more natural look and are easy to replace.

Copper string lights

These come with a trendy copper cable with either small twinkly lights in various colours, or pretty crackle ball lights.

Lantern string lights

These are multi-coloured for those who love a more traditional look.

Decorative string lights

As well as regular bulbs, we offer pretty lights encased in decorative stars, penguins and other festive designs.

Icicle lights

Ideal for displaying in your windows or along the wall, these lights add a wonderfully wintry touch.

Chaser lights

These icicle lights are perfect for hanging on gutters or eaves outside to give your home a frosty festive glow.

Net string lights

Net lights feature a diamond grid of bulbs and are great for hanging over hedges and fences or inside window frames.

Features of string lights

All the bulbs on our string lights are LED, so they’re low-voltage and energy-efficient as they don’t waste power by heating up the bulb. They’re also brighter and longer-lasting than the older style of bulbs.

Each set of our Christmas string lights has different features —look out for the ones below as you browse our range.

  • Number of bulbs — from 20 all the way up to 800
  • Colours — choose from warm white, ice white and multi-coloured
  • Effects — some of our lights have multiple functions, so you can enjoy different sequenced, flashing and glowing modes
  • Design — as well as regular bulbs, we offer more decorative designs like stars, candle canes and glass baubles
  • Power — choose from either mains-powered lights or battery-operated for areas that are more difficult to power
  • Lead wire length — from 30cm to 10m
  • Bulb spacing — go for bulbs that are closer together for a more sparkly, clustered effect, or ones that are more spaced out for a more delicate look
  • Timer — some of our lights have timers so you can set them to come on in the evening and turn off later at night
  • Cable colour — choose from clear, dark green and also stylish copper for a trendier look

Tips for a magical display

Designer light

Pretty Firefly Twister Lights strung across the fireplace can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with their mesmerizing flameless flickering.

A cluster of Ice-White Fairy Lights tossed casually into a glass lantern makes for a dazzling decoration.  Or a Chain of 10 Glass Lit Baubles bundled into a bowl creates a glossy decorative feature with their lovely sheen, adding a textured frosty finish to your winter wonderland. You could dress your windows or spruce up any room in your home with twinkling Starlight Curtains too.

But why stop there? Children will be enchanted by a string of LED Candy Cane Lights and they’ll love a colony of penguins in their home with a sparkling set of White LED Penguin Lights.  

Ornamental light

Introduce festive flashes throughout your home with freestanding ornamental lights such as this LED Christmas Candle Bridge and brighten up every dark nook or cranny with an eye-catching and quirky Water Spinner Lantern.

Make a statement with a seasonal piece of furnishing such as Rudolph the Illuminated Reindeer.  Crafted from metal wire, this decoration features 30 warm white LED lights entwined within the frame to create a gorgeous display.

Exterior light

Let there be light outside with a fantastic over-the-top light display.  Create your own laser light show and shower the outside of your home in festive patterns of light with the Deluxe Outdoor Laser Projector Light.  Choose from the snowman, tree, bell, snowflake, Santa or firefly patterns and change the laser mode from red to green and from flashing to static to create the perfect panoramic backdrop for all your photographs - not to mention outdoing all your neighbours’ efforts in minutes! Browse our full range of laser projectors to find your favourite one.