Christmas Tree Buying Guide
November 24, 2020

Choosing what to have for dinner at Christmas is usually straightforward, but deciding what type of Christmas tree to get can be a head scratcher. Is a real or artificial variety the way to go? And what about lights? The perfect Christmas tree can be the star topper on an already magical holiday, so find out which type is best for you.


Real Christmas trees

The original and some might say, best type of tree, given its authentic traditional nature. Arguably more work, but equally more potential reward when it’s up and ready.


Great smells: There are a lot of classic smells around most homes around Christmastime, but fresh pine needles, with its natural woody aroma is the genuine fragrance for the festive season.


Waste not: The constant use of natural trees have long been seen as bad for the environment, but they are actually recyclable and biodegradable because they can be used for mulch when Christmas is over.


Is a real Christmas tree for me?


If you’re looking for a more authentic Christmas experience, have the space and are conscious about the environmental impact of your holidays, a real tree may be the way to go.

Artificial trees 

There’s less fuss, mess, and usually money involved in going for a faux tree and that’s why  a lot of people opt for them.


Easy to put and zero maintenance: Christmas can already be a stressful time of year and an artificial tree is one less festive thing to worry about. Unlike real trees, they don’t need any watering, trimming, or sweeping. As you can reuse them year after year, it also means you don’t have to take it outside to dispose of it when the holidays are over.


Fire-resistance: Some are made using fire-resistant materials for peace of mind when string lights are involved.


Completely customizable: Tall and lean, bushy, rustic, pre-lit, or slightly frosted with faux snow, however you like your tree you should be able to find one to your tastes.


Is an artificial Christmas tree for me?


If you prefer to take the fuss and mess out of the tree part of your Christmas an artificial tree is definitely the way to go. The reusable aspect is a convenient plus for many as well as the fact that they are often cheaper than real trees.

Pre-lit Christmas trees

To some, wrapping and hanging dozens of lights on a tree is a fun Christmas ritual, for others, time is better spent doing a myriad of other things. Pre-lit trees come with all the lights included, ready to go for those that want to avoid the fuss. 


What are the benefits of pre-lit?


Time saved: Pre-lit trees come with light strings or bulbs already wrapped around them. Don’t know if you’re wrapping them right for the optimal festive display? No worries, they come prepared for the ideal light display.


Choose your lighting: You’ll usually be able to select your lights depending on what effect you are going for. Pick from options like clear or incandescent bulbs for that traditional glow, or warm white or multicoloured LED bulbs, which are energy saving as well as designed to display warmth and elegance.


Is a pre-lit Christmas tree for me?


A pre-lit option is ideal for achieving the magic of the season in no time. Ideal for if you want the full eye-catching decorative experience with minimal effort.

Fibre optic Christmas trees


The ultimate time-saving option, as instead of individual lights, the tree is one giant decoration, capable of their own festive effect.


What are the benefits of fibre optic?


Hassle free: No separate light or decoration elements. Pop it up and plug it in and you’re ready to go.


Low everything: Energy consumption, price, and even weight are all low with a fibre optic tree.


Is a fibre optic tree for me?


If you like your Christmas tree completely fuss free and at a very reasonable price, this is a great option. The energy-saving aspect will also be a big plus if saving money in the long run is also on your agenda.

Tabletop Christmas tree


All the benefits of an artificial tree, but with a lot less space needed.


Benefits of table top


Space saved: The perfect option if you live in a smaller space, or if you want a Christmas tree in your room, or on your desk.


Affordable option: The most reasonable in price on our list due to their size. They’ll also save you money by needing less lights and decorations.


Is a tabletop Christmas tree for me?


If you’re on a budget or live in a more compact space, this is a great option to still enjoy the most familiar sight of Christmas without a hefty price tag or time-consuming maintenance or set-up.

The best tree for your needs

With so many types of tree available, it can be difficult choosing the right one. Keep in mind your space and budget when deciding and it should help with the decision process. Once you have a tree type in mind, take a look at the wide range of Christmas trees from Robert Dyas.