Desk and Chair Buying Guide
January 14, 2022

The last couple of years have been full of changes to how we live our lives, not least working a lot more from home. Whether you work from home full time or just one or two days a week, it’s important to get your home office right for the sake of your health. 

So if you’re looking for a desk buying guide or advice on what type of chair you should use, you’re in the right place. In this guide we’ll take you through things like the correct height for your desk and chair, how to make sure your furniture is appropriate for use and some of the best desk chairs too. 

Read on and find out how to get home office-happy. 

What Height is a Standard Office Desk?

A standard office desk is between 71cm and 76cm in height. This is ideal for people between 5'8” and 5'10”, but if you’re taller or shorter then it may be worth looking at higher or lower desks according to your height, or investing in an adjustable one. 


The reason it’s important to get the height of your desk right is not only to ensure everyday comfort but to prevent future problems with posture. It could also help you to avoid eye, neck and wrist strain because your head and arms will be at a certain angle for hours at a time.


How Tall Should a Desk Chair Be?

There’s no standard office chair height as most are adjustable. No one wants to have to endure aches and pains while they work, so having a desk chair at the right height will make sure there’s as little stress as possible on your back and shoulders. For the healthiest and most comfortable position your forearms should be at a 90 degree angle from your spine, so you’ll most likely need an adjustable chair to help you achieve this.

A good office chair should also swivel and recline a little so you can choose the most comfortable position. Many of them lock into position to prevent them from reclining too far. This Solstice Spruce Linen Ergonomic Office Chair is a great option as it has a height-adjustable, tilting design; a curved seat; comfortable arm rests and even a built-in headrest for extra comfort.

If you often get lower back pain while working, look for one with lumbar support. Some designs have an adjustable cushioned band that fits in the small of your back, while others feature a curved, ergonomic design like this Vinsetto Mesh Office Chair with Lumbar Support.

Desk Buying Guide  

When buying an office desk, think about your individual needs - do you want a desk with storage? A multipurpose desk? A standing desk, perhaps?

Moving around as much as you can throughout the day is advised, rather than sitting in the same position, so alternating between sitting and standing is a great way to do this. An adjustable desk like this Solstice Janus Lift-Top Desk is ideal, or a laptop stand like this Alphason Height Adjust Desk.

Desks with shelves are great for storing all your files and folders, but if you’re short on space you still have options. This Corner Desk features shelves that can be swivelled back underneath the table once you’re finished.

If it’s floor space you’re lacking then this multipurpose Zennor Drop It Fold Down desk can be opened out whenever you want it and folded back onto the wall at the end of the day to be used as a cabinet and chalkboard. As you can position it anywhere you like on the wall, you can also make sure the height is just right for you.

What is the Best Desk Chair?

The best desk chair is primarily one that’s comfortable for you - so one at the right height and with the right level of support, such as lumbar support (see above for more on this if you’ve skipped to this section!) 


Here’s what to consider when buying a desk chair: 


  • Height - A chair at the right height will help your posture by reducing the stress on your back and shoulders. 
  • Recline - This will also aid your posture as you can choose the most comfortable position for you. 
  • Ergonomic design - This often includes a curved back to make sitting for long periods a lot more comfortable, and helps prevent aches and pains. This Zennor Ergonomic Office Chair features a 360 degree swivel, adjustable height, lumbar support and more. 
  • Lumbar support - If you need support for your lower back, look out for this feature.
  • Arm rests - These offer extra comfort and help relieve stress on the back, shoulders and arms.
  • Material - Leather is durable, has a more formal look and can easily be wiped clean, while mesh is more breathable. Fabric chairs are comfy and are easier to match to your decor as they often come in a range of colours and styles.  
  • Colour - Lighter colours may not be suitable for homes with young children or if you’re often clumsy with your coffee!
  • Massage feature - Some office chairs even come with this luxury feature. This Solstice Daphne Leather Office Chair has a remote control massage system to help relieve any tension. 


All that’s left to do now is decide which features are most important to you so you can work from home in comfort. Once you’ve decided, have a browse through our home office furniture range to find the perfect setup, so you can get well and truly home office-happy.