Find the Best Garden Storage: Our Buying Guide
September 16, 2021

Trying to find the best garden storage? There’s a lot to choose from out there and it can be a little overwhelming. We have you covered. We’ve broken it down into easy steps to take and what to think about when you’re buying new storage for your space. There’s so much to think about when finding outdoor storage that’s often overlooked; most people head straight for the cheapest option. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out, at least in the long term. While the price is a main factor for a lot of people, finding the right storage for your garden takes more than just checking the price tag.

Figure out your budget

This is the most important step when figuring out what type of garden storage solutions you can get because it’s what directs you to what type of storage you can buy. Good storage units can range well into the thousands. Why go off looking into the thousands when you should be looking in the hundreds? You can still find some great options even with a small budget. This isn’t to say that you should buy something that isn’t made of good quality materials just because it costs less. Look for items that have great reviews and that are made from good materials, something that won’t blow apart when the wind starts up.

Don’t have a huge budget, but do have high taste? Hold out for that sale to find the perfect backyard storage that will work best for you.

Figure out your space

The second most important step when figuring out which piece will make the best garden storage for your outdoor space? Finding out the size of your yard and how much room you will need. If you’ve a huge yard, chances are you need more equipment for upkeep and will need a much larger shed. You might even need a couple of different options for specific items in your yard. If you’ve a small yard, steer clear of larger items that will make your garden feel cramped and boxed in.

Get the dimensions of your garden and see which type of storage would work best. Don’t forget to think about how much room you want it to take up. You may feel like you have tons of room to add in extra storage, but are you okay with giving it up? Will it mean giving up a bit of your garden space or patio? Be realistic with your needs and wants.

Figure out the type

Once you’ve figured out your budget and space you can move onto what type of shed(s) you will have on your property. There are so many options to choose from.

Do you just need a place to store your bike? A bike store, compact and off to the side, is a great option to provide you with room to lock up your bicycle and helmet without taking up a huge amount of space.

If you’re looking for a place to store all of those cosy outdoor pillows and blankets, a storage box that doubles as a side table or bench might be what works best for you.

Tired of lugging your gardening tools to the garden every single time and losing them inside a garage or shed? A small garden storage box, left right by the garden when you need it, works for any type of yard, big or small.

Leaning your wood pile next to your house and running outside to tarp it when the rain comes may have been okay the first couple of times, but now’s the time to properly take care of your wood. Log storage may be just what you need to keep your wood dry and make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. You can get small wooden frames to place right by fire pits for easy access, or large sheds made specifically for those who use a lot of firewood.

Are your neighbours complaining about the eyesore that is your rubbish bin area? A bin store can conceal your recycling and rubbish bins, providing a nice enclosure that can help keep animals out and add a little more curb appeal to your home.

There are also many different sizes of basic sheds for you to choose from, whether you’ve a few things to store or a ton of things to do.

Figure out if you need any permits

Building your own or planning for a large garden storage shed? Best to contact your local council first. There may be rules on how high it can be or how far away from a neighbouring yard it is allowed.

Now that you’ve got the boring stuff out of the way, you can move onto the good and fun stuff when it comes to finding storage for your yard.

Pick your colour

Gone are the days of a basic shed. If you get one that’s paintable, the sky is the limit for what type of colour you choose! Bright pinks, cheery yellows, pastel blues, classic white, dark charcoal… just pick your favourite. There are tons of great sheds out there with many colours to choose from.

Pick your material

Wood is a sturdy material that will hold over time, but this option often costs a little extra. If you’re not a fan of upkeep a solid wood shed may not be for you. Your other options? Metal or plastic. Metal and plastic won’t need as much, if any, upkeep over time and are often cheaper than wood units.

Add décor

Add faux shutters on a shed’s windows or a window box full of pansies to brighten up your yard. A shed doesn’t have to be boring and ugly, you can dress it up to make it part of your landscaping, even matching it to your home. Ended up buying something you liked for the price and storage capacity but not necessarily the aesthetic? Plant some tall greenery around it to spruce it up and hide the ugly colour.