The Best Fitness Gadgets for Workout Motivation
January 06, 2022

Whether you’re a gym-goer or seasoned runner, everyone can lose their motivation to work out from time to time, especially during the winter months. It’s oh-so-easy to drop your usual exercise routine in favour of an extra 30 minutes in bed.

But there are ways to boost your motivation and put you in the mood to get that blood pumping, such as with fitness gadgets. Some of these can get you excited to hit the gym again or itching to pick up those weights! 

Intrigued? Read on to find out more about the best fitness technology and which gadgets you think will work for you. 

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out 

There are lots of reasons you might lose the motivation to work out, such as:


- You’re bored with your exercise routine

- Not seeing the benefits fast enough

- Tiredness

- Cold, gloomy or rainy weather

- Overexercising


But there are ways to combat this and get your workout buzz back. Try some (or all!) of these ideas below. 

- Switch up your routine - if you’re doing the same thing all the time, swap your weights for Pilates or your run for some Tabata. 

- If you’re not seeing the benefits fast enough, a fitness tracker watch will help you see how many calories you’ve burnt, track your heart rate and lots more, so you can track your progress day by day (see more on these below).

- Feel too tired to work out? Try some gentle yoga instead - it’s still highly beneficial without being as taxing as cardio.

- Take a day off regularly! If you know you’ve got a day off coming up, you’ll be much less likely to feel burnt out by all the exercise you’ve been doing and much more compelled to keep going. 

- If the weather’s putting you off from going to the gym or heading out for a run, do a home workout instead (there are heaps of fun videos on YouTube for example, and we have lots of home fitness equipment to help).

- Put some energetic music on - it will really help put you in the right mindset. 

The Best Fitness Gadgets to Improve Motivation

When it comes to fitness technology, we have lots to get you on track. Different devices come with all sorts of useful features to help you get, and stay, motivated to work out. Check out some of our top fitness tech recommendations below. 

The Best Headphones for Any Workout 

As we mentioned earlier, music plays an important part in helping you muster up the motivation to work out, so headphones are a must. They’ll help you get in the right mood to exercise and remain energised throughout your workout. According to the National Center for Health Research, listening to motivational music while exercising inspires you to carry on for longer or work harder during your routine. 

These Philips True Wireless Earbuds are sweat-resistant, so perfect for gym time, while the Veho Water Resistant Sports Earphones are great for runners and outdoor workouts when the rain might make an appearance.

These Mixx Cardio Wireless Sports Earphones are ideal for a variety of different sports such as  running, cross-training and more. With Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a secure ear hook design, you have the perfect combination of freedom to keep moving, with over five hours of battery life.

The Best Fitness Watches to Get Your Mojo Back

A fitness tracker watch is a fantastic option for improving your motivation. With one of these, you can set yourself tangible targets to burn a certain number of calories in, say, 5 minutes to start with and get you going, before you move on to a longer period of time. And before you actually start, what’s more motivating than seeing that you’ve barely walked any steps today! If you’re tracking your steps and fitness levels all the time, you’re more aware of how active your day has been and you can compare easily against other days with the information your fitness tracker provides. Some fitness watches even provide reminders on when to move if you need that extra push.

This Aquarius Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor shows an estimate for the calories you’ve burnt, while this Mixx F2 Fitness Smartwatch includes a pedometer and heart rate tracker, and also tracks specific exercises. You can even take it swimming, making it a great all-rounder.

Additinally, if you want to keep track of your BMI, body fat and body water to ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals, this Salter Glass Analyser Scale is ideal. There’s also the Salter MiBody Analyser Scale which tracks your muscle mass - perfect if you’re into weights. For simple weight management, opt for the Salter Compact Digital Bathroom Scale.

Upgrade Your Home Workouts  

A gym environment may cause some people to lose motivation, so home workouts can help. Plus, there’s no membership fee! 

We have lots of fitness equipment that can help you with your targets: Try this HOMCOM Exercise Bike for keeping fit at home - there’s no need to go outdoors and you can sit down while working up a sweat, which is perfect if you’re low on motivation. If you prefer running, opt for this V-fit Folding Treadmill, or create your own home gym without the monthly costs with the V-Fit Home Gym.    


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to stay motivated to work out, whether you’re at the gym or at home. The right fitness gadgets and equipment can really help, so have a good look through our fitness products, as well as headphones of course, to help you stay on the right track. Then bring on the next workout!