Fixing a TV to a Plasterboard Wall: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide
July 03, 2018

We all know we can fit a TV to a solid wall without causing damage, but when it comes to walls that are less robust, the answer isn’t always that obvious. Will it crack the wall? Is it strong enough? Is it actually possible?

For the many people wondering if you can hang a TV on a plasterboard wall, the answer is simple: yes, you certainly can. With the right tools and know-how, it’s actually surprisingly easy.

Check out how to do it below in 7 simple steps.

Equipment List

Before You Begin…

Stay safe and use a pipe and cable detector to make sure there are no metals or live cables in the wall before you drill.

How to Fix a TV to a Plasterboard Wall

  • Mark out where you’ll be fixing your bracket using a spirit level to make sure the TV’s correctly positioned.
  • Carefully drill the holes where you’ve marked.
  • Hammer your GripIts into each hole until they sit against the surface of the plasterboard. The two small screws on the GripIts should be at 45° and 225°.
  • Insert a screwdriver into the central rotary insert and turn 90° to the right. This will allow the wings to open at the back of the GripIt and secure it into the wall.
  • Fix your bracket to the wall using the bolts or screws in your GripIt pack to make sure it’s firmly attached to the wall.
  • Then simply get someone to help you lift the TV into place to keep it safe.

To see how it’s done step by step, watch this handy how-to video from GripIt below.