Garden Seating Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space a Stylish Oasis
April 04, 2024

Gardens are a wonderful extension to your home – an extra ‘room’ to enjoy something different in all seasons, particularly in the summer months. The sun is shining, the flowers are blossoming and garden parties are the order of the day, so designing your garden for your guests’ and your maximum enjoyment is important (and also fun!). With our experts' great garden seating ideas you can give your space some key focal points and unleash your garden’s full potential. 

Plan Out Your Garden Space

Before deciding on the most practical yet stylish seating area, it’s important to plan out your garden. For smaller gardens, planning out is key to getting the most from your garden space. For larger areas, you have the luxury of extra space so you can create zones in your garden and design different areas of interest.

Create an Outdoor Dining Room for Al Fresco Dinners 

Why dine solely indoors when you can eat al fresco in the glorious sun? Having a focused outdoor dining space is perfect for lunches, dinners and hosting summer dinner parties. 

For gatherings, a round outdoor table makes a great space-saving option, whereas rectangular dining sets fit more easily in corners or against straight edges. Choosing a table with a fire pit in the centre is perfect if you want a decadent feel and are looking to add a warming atmosphere in the evenings. 

For a truly spectacular outdoor dining area, a lighting display above the table will turn your set into a real showstopper. Simply add some string lights or lanterns to an outdoor table with an overhead bar specifically designed for hanging decor and wait for your guests’ jaws to drop. 

Perch Around a Garden Bar  

As we naturally spend more time in our gardens during the summer months, perching around your very own garden bar is a great outdoor seating design idea. With a structured seating area as well as a bar for when family and friends come over, it offers the best of both worlds. A garden bar is also excellent if you like watching football with friends: turn an area of your garden into a stadium for matches, crack open a bottle each, then sit back and enjoy.   

For larger gardens and bigger budgets, this luxury garden bar will help you welcome guests in a sophisticated style.  

Relax & Unwind in an Egg Chair 

Whether your garden’s big or small – or even a simple balcony – an egg chair is a top choice. Smaller than a garden furniture set, they fit well in any sized garden and make a stylish statement too. What more could you ask for? This Outsunny rattan egg chair is sumptuously snug with its soft padded seat cushion ready to envelop you, while this gorgeous neutral-coloured rattan egg chair adds a natural feel to a space. 

Looking to seat two? This two-seater chair is ideal for enjoying the sights and sounds of your garden with a friend or partner. If it’s a little movement you’d prefer, such as a swing seat or hammock, this hanging egg chair will suit you perfectly.

Catch Up with Friends with an Intimate Bistro Set-Up 

For smaller gardens or balconies, an intimate bistro set is a great way to make the most of your space. Whether you’re catching up with friends for a sunny lunch or simply enjoying breakfast and a book, this simple setup can work wonders in a small space. Rattan sets are durable and can take whatever the weather throws at them, and a metal bistro set will allow you to add a pop of colour and traditional elegance, while still being high enough to enable al fresco dining. Some also fold down after use so you can bring your set out only when you need it. 

Create a Socialising Garden Hub with a Corner Sofa

If it’s corner garden seating area ideas you’re after, we’ve got plenty. For medium to large gardens, an outdoor corner sofa set is the perfect way to create a focal point of your socialising area. Rattan corner sofas are a great choice as this material is highly durable and very on-trend, while natural wooden sofas always look beautiful in a garden and never go out of style. For medium gardens, a four-seater sofa and table set would be ideal, or even a sectional sofa set that you can tailor to your occasion: they usually include a separate chair that can be used for guests or pushed in and used as a footstool for lounging. For large gardens, and those who love a little opulence, an eight-seater outdoor corner sofa set with a fire pit is the ultimate choice. Chats and laughs with old friends and a glass of wine, while a crackling fire adds ambience as dusk falls? Pass us the bubbly, we’re in. 

Carve Out a Relaxing Reading Space in a Small Corner of Your Garden

Love getting lost in a good book? Add some sunshine, a comfy seat and a cuppa and you’ve created your very own little zone of paradise. For those small, awkward garden spaces, carving out a reading nook in the form of a garden arbour is a good use of space and looks beautiful too, and they’re perfect if you’re looking for covered garden seating ideas. They’ll shelter you from showers and cool breezes and give you some welcome respite when the hot sun beats down. If you opt for an arbour with trellised sides for climbing plants and flowers to adorn, they’ll make even more of a gorgeous feature.

Soak in the Summer Sun on a Modern Lounger

For the sunniest of summer days, nothing can beat a sun lounger. Comfortable, reminiscent of holidays and oh-so-relaxing, they’re perfect for medium to larger-sized gardens. This wooden sun lounger with a pull-out table is great for placing your drinks on as you doze off in the sun, while this set of two loungers is a good option for larger gardens and soaking up the sun with a friend or partner. Traditional reclining sun lounger chairs are great for those who prefer sitting and reclining as opposed to lying down. This Outsunny Zero Gravity set of two chairs and table is lightweight and folds down easily so you can put it away and get some space in your garden back when the weather’s not quite so sunny. 

Create a Cosy Oasis with Outdoor Floor Cushions 

Garden furniture isn’t the only way to create a cosy oasis in a garden: Outdoor floor cushions have your back if you’re looking for garden seating ideas on a budget, or simply don’t have the space for a whole furniture setup. Great for relaxing on in the summer sun, they’re also good for children to sit on and can add a bright burst of colour and style to your space. Whether you add a touch of Hawaii, picnic chic or plain and never-out-of-fashion style with your cushions, they can be highly impactful. We love these Evans Lichfield citrus print cushions – the vibrant print on pink will pop in any garden.   

For your outdoor cushions, garden furniture and any other outdoor accessories you need for your outdoor seating design, remember to browse our huge and varied range to find the pieces that’ll perfect your garden. Your new ‘room’ will soon be the best of the house!