Home Security Tips to Deter Burglars During Holidays
July 10, 2023

Your doors are well locked and your home’s safe and sound while you’re away. Right? Well, possibly not. A lot of us are unwittingly putting ourselves in danger and even helping out burglars when we go on summer holidays. 

According to Guardcover, more break-ins occur during the summer months. With longer daylight hours inviting you to spend more time outside and away from your home, opportunities are ripe for burglars.

At Robert Dyas we have plenty of home security tips to help you keep your home secure while you’re away, from smart plugs to turn lights on and create the appearance you’re at home, to video doorbells, floodlights and security cameras. 

Here are some of our best home security ideas to protect your house from burglars during the summer holiday season.

Turn lights on in the evening with a timer

If your home hasn’t had a single light come on all week, would-be burglars may well be thinking they’ll be in with some luck. You don’t need to leave your lights on over your whole holiday – just use a smart plug like this TCP Smart WiFi Plug and schedule your lamps to come on at certain times. If smart products don’t suit you, try these Daewoo 24-Hour Mechanical Timers – 3 Pack.

Double lock your French doors

French double doors are often the weakest part of a house – so they’re unsurprisingly the first port of call for many burglars. You can easily reinforce them with a Patlock Double Patio Door Security Lock, which is easy to fit and also acts as a visual deterrent – great for peace of mind either at night or while you’re away.

Use security cameras

You might think your home will be fine in broad daylight, but a lot of burglaries are actually committed during the daytime – so keep a security camera on at all times just in case. This Eufy Video Doorbell will monitor your front door and send you instant alerts if anyone approaches, while this TCP Smart WiFi HD 1080p Camera will enable you to keep an eye on the inside of your property while you’re out. For exteriors, this Toucan Wireless Security Camera features a siren alarm to scare away intruders, and sends instant notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected.

Shine the spotlight on would-be burglars

Using tall trees, bushes and fences is a great way to have some privacy, but while they may deter nosy neighbours, all the darkness and solitude could entice thieves. One of the most budget-friendly home security tips is to install sensor-activated lights by your doors to help stop burglars in their tracks, like this Draper LED Slimline Floodlight. No thief wants to be in the spotlight while they’re mid-break-in!

Keep curtains open and valuables locked up, away from windows

Keeping your curtains closed 24/7 looks suspicious, so keep them open and make sure any valuables are kept nowhere near the windows. If your laptop or jewellery is in the window and a would-be thief walks past, you can guess what might happen next. Most burglaries are done on impulse rather than premeditated, so don’t give them a chance to consider breaking in. Hide expensive items away and, if need be, use a safe for extra-important belongings, such as this Master Lock Medium Digital Combination Safe.


More importantly, lock away your data! The amount of identity fraud is increasing and your personal information can prove more valuable than physical items. Keep documents in a room they wouldn’t expect you to keep your passport or sensitive personal information in, such as letters from insurance companies or your bank, or lock them in a safe.

Lock your shed and garage

Sheds and garages can house a lot of expensive garden tools, furniture and bikes, so make sure you don’t give thieves an easy time. Use a padlock, such as this Master Lock 80mm Exell Stainless Steel Discus Lock.

Now you have all our best home security tips, you can go on holiday knowing that your home is as secure as it can be. Bad news for burglars, good news for you and your restful break!