How to Make the Perfect Roast Potatoes
December 17, 2019

No Christmas dinner is complete without those delicious golden spuds. Forget the prize turkey - they’re the best part of the meal for some of us! But if you’re the host, you may well be wondering how to make the perfect roast potatoes so as to avoid any culinary disasters on the big day.  

Luckily, once you know the tricks, it’s easy. Simply follow these five simple steps and your guests will be enjoying spoonful after spoonful of those tasty golden roasts. So remember to make double!  

1) Choose your potato wisely – with so many available it can be hard to decide which will turn out best. We recommend either Desiree (really fluffy inside, works well with goose fat), King Edward (goes extra crispy on the inside but not such a strong potato flavour) or Maris Piper (slightly firmer inside and a solid crisp on the outside).

2) Shake it up! Once you’ve parboiled the potatoes, let them steam dry slightly before giving them a good shake with a little plain white flour thrown in. This roughs up the edges and gives them a slight coating for the oil to grip onto to create the perfect crunch. 

3) Before putting the potatoes in the oven, add goose fat (or olive oil if you’re cooking for vegetarians) to the roasting tray and heat it up in the oven. When you add the potatoes to the sizzling oil, it seals them straight away, starting the crisping instantly and stopping them falling apart or going soggy.

4) Don’t be shallow – roasting potatoes in a deep-walled roasting tray will make all the difference. It’s easier to cover the potatoes in the oil or fat, it will prevent lots of splatters over your oven, and it retains the heat for more even roasting.

5) Be generous with the seasoning. Every chef worth their salt knows the key to intense flavour is cooking with salt and pepper, so remember to add a good grind of salt when boiling, then cover with plenty of seasoning before you put them in the oven. For extra-special potatoes, add some garlic cloves (you can leave the skin on) and fresh rosemary to the roasting tray too and enjoy that delicious infused flavour. 

So there you have it how to make the perfect roast potatoes in five easy steps. Roll on the Christmas dinner!