How To Choose A Christmas Tree
December 04, 2020

Christmas trees come in all shapes, sizes, and colours these days. Meaning you truly are spoilt for choice, but this can also make it a little bit harder when it comes to deciding what type of tree you want. How big do you want it? What colour should you go for? Should you buy a real one or an artificial one? And what decorations would suit your space? With so many things to consider, we’ve compiled a useful guide to help you choose the perfect Christmas tree this year.

Artificial trees vs real trees

The first big decision you need to make when choosing a Christmas tree is deciding on whether you want an artificial one or a real tree as both are very different. 

Artificial trees: Faux trees are much easier to transport and maintain. There’s no need to clean up fallen needles and you can reuse them every year. The reusability factor will also save you money in the long run which is a huge advantage, especially around the festive season when there are so many other things to buy. 

Environmentally, they are guilt-free, but only if you use them for a fair few years. Most are made with a combination of plastic and metal which doesn’t biodegrade and isn’t recyclable. It means that when your tree arrives at the landfill, it’ll be there forever. Researchers have found that using your artificial tree for 20 years will offset its carbon footprint in comparison to yearly real trees.


Real trees: Nothing beats the smell of fresh pine and for many, going out to pick the perfect Christmas tree is a fun festive tradition that marks the holiday season officially begins. Many feel guilty about real trees being cut down, but the majority of trees aren’t cut from the wild, they are taken from plantations that are specifically there to be cut down during the holidays, so no deforestation takes place.

Disposing of them can be troublesome, but remember that they can be recycled by mulching them and reusing them for landscaping.

What type you go for will depend on your budget with different types of real trees and sizes available. Real ones do have that beautiful, authentic touch, but require more maintenance than their artificial equivalents. Keeping them watered and in a cool place is important so they will last throughout December and into the New Year.

If you have the budget for it every year, real trees are a desirable option and definitely create that magical festive feel at home. 



Before going for a tall whopper of a tree that fills the entire height of your room, consider any decorative topper you might want to put on top, remember it may look a bit silly if the tip of the tree is bent over by your ceiling. A good rule to follow is to get a tree that is 6 inches shorter than your ceiling. This will allow the option of a star or angel topper on it. Keep these heights in mind when choosing your tree.

8 - 12 feet:
Great for rooms with high ceilings.

7 - 7 ½ feet:
Optimum size for most homes with 8-9 foot standard ceilings.

6 - 6 ½ feet:
Ideal for homes with low ceilings.

5 - 5 ½ feet:
A good option for smaller living areas.

Under 5 feet:
Miniatures for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, tabletops, and small spaces. 


Green is traditional, but would another colour suit your room better or maybe you want to mix things up this year?

Green: Popular due to its symbolism of Christmas, the exact hue will vary depending on the species.

White: A different colour that will really make your baubles stand out and remind you of a white Christmas. 

Nothing is as magical as a snow-covered Christmas, but regardless of the weather, you can recreate that winter wonderland feeling indoors with this option.

Silver or gold: Classic Christmas colours that will make your festive centerpiece very striking.


A big bushy tree is iconic, but might not be the right shape for your space. In addition to considering the height, you’ll also want to keep in mind floor space.

Regular (full): Full width and the most familiar look for Christmas trees.

Narrow/slim: Slender to easily fit into tighter spaces and corners of the home.


To go pre-lit or not, that’ll be the question once you’ve decided on the size, width, and colour. Pre-lit is quick and easy, with little to no assembly required, but here are your lighting options if you decide to get creative and do it yourself.

Multicoloured LED: A bright, vibrant mix of coloured lights.

Fairy lights:
Small LED bulbs on thin wires that give a magical glow.

Novelty lights: Fun and functional. Add a candy cane or a glowing Santa to set a super Christmassy mood.


These are undeniably the key to injecting your tree with lots of Christmas spirit, as without them it would just be any other tree. Accessories to consider adding to your Christmas tree include:

Baubles: Red, green, gold, silver, no Christmas tree is complete without a healthy helping of vibrant baubles to bring it to life.

Ornament hanging decorations:
There are so many unique styles of ornament decorations to choose from, whether it’s a dachshund, nutcracker, or a rainbow, there is nothing you can’t find to add to your Christmas tree. It’s a great way of adding a bit of our personality to your tree.

Adding tinsel to the tree will bring plenty of life and colour to it for sure. It’s definitely an old Christmas tree decorating tradition and stands out. 

Tree topper:
Whether it is an angel or a star, a topper can really compliment your tree. Just remember to leave enough space for it when choosing your Christmas tree.

Choose your tree

Now you know the ideal height, shape, colour, and decorations for your tree, you’re all set to buy one. Check out our range of Christmas trees at Robert Dyas.