How to Create Zones in Your Garden
May 22, 2024

The garden is an extension of your home, and incorporating garden zones is one of the best ways to ensure each corner is utilised to its full potential. At Robert Dyas, we have everything you need to create your garden zones and, thanks to our experts, the knowledge of how best to do it. With our top garden zone ideas you can make your space the best it can be.

What is Garden Zoning?

Garden zoning is a way of creating dedicated areas for outdoor activities such as kids' play areas and outdoor kitchen spaces, making your garden more practical, attractive and interesting. In this guide, we’ll walk you through different zoning ideas and how to create the atmosphere you want in each space.

Gardening Zoning Ideas To Try in Your Space 

Garden zones can be applied to any sized garden, by structurally creating levels for elevated seating areas, or simply by adding impactful string lights and colourful plants. Whichever of our garden zone ideas you’d love to try, you can be sure it’ll lead to a fantastic transformation. 


It’s Time to Zone Out

After a busy week, there’s nothing better than simply zoning out and putting your feet up. With a dedicated relaxing area in your garden, those ‘me time’ moments can be even better. To create a space you can’t wait to unwind in on a balmy summer’s day or weekday evening, segment a small corner of your outdoor space with a relaxing egg chair and water feature. This large solar bucket fountain and smaller rock effect fountain make impressive features for both day and night, while this fairy water fountain is a great choice for a more whimsical feel.  Pop a bird feeder on a nearby branch, listen to the gentle trickle of the water and the chirping of the birds, and feel everything else melt away. 

Build a Garden Room

A garden room is the perfect solution if you’re seeking an extra room in your home without the cost and trouble of a home extension. The floor-to-ceiling windows create a wonderfully airy feel with lots of natural light, making it ideal for multiple uses: a games room, an outdoor relaxing/dining room and even a home office. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your garden with some welcome shade on hot days, shelter from a cool breeze, privacy from your neighbours and comfortable seating.  This Mercia Maine Summerhouse has four large windows for maximum enjoyment of your garden, while this Merca Insulated Garden Room is ideal for year-round use and office working. 

Add a Raised Patio to Your Garden 

Adding a raised patio to a garden space can immediately transform it, creating multiple dedicated zones. Ideal for those with sloping gardens that would benefit from some terracing, raised areas can house not only seating spaces but also bedding plants – however large or small the zone – to add colour and impact to your garden. 

Showcase Your Garden Furniture on a Centre Stage

Garden furniture is often the key focal point of any garden, so put it on a pedestal – literally! Showcasing it on a higher level – such as on decking or a raised patio – will physically separate the garden seating zone and turn it into something truly special. If your garden is a blank canvas, after being newly built for example, now is the perfect time to think about this garden zone idea. So start landscaping, lay down some attractive paving and let your furniture and seating zone sing. 


Play Around with Partitions 

For medium to large gardens, adding partitioning walls can help create clear, dedicated zones – from a children's play area to a barbecue and cooking station. Trellis planters are a great way to create a colourful, natural divide between the patio and the lawn as vibrant flowers can climb up it for added garden beauty – not to mention create a sweet-scented backdrop to your seating area. An attractive partition screen can also help when creating zones in the garden, and a privacy screen for pergolas can work wonders.

Illuminate Your Space

Outdoor lighting adds a touch of magic to a garden when dusk falls. It can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and help to identify the evening entertainment space. If it’s a cosy, romantic backdrop you’re looking to create, hang warm lights to a fence or behind garden furniture, such as these attractive glowing bulbs or delicate string lights; For garden parties, colourful lights add a fun and lively vibe. Whichever you choose, a little sparkle goes a long way.

Hide Away Bikes & Outdoor Tools 

Bikes, scooters and outdoor tools aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing of items to have on show, so in these cases, a storage shed beckons. These neat garden storage pieces can be placed in a corner as a dedicated place for all those items you want to be hidden away – perfect for those without a garage. It may be simple storage but don’t let the opportunity to heighten your garden style pass you by – there are colourful storage sheds available that will add an attractive pop of colour to your space. This Shire Country Log & Tool Store provides extra convenience for those also in need of a log store for their fire pit as it comes with handy log-stacking racks.

How to Zone a Small Garden

If your space is small, that doesn’t mean your ambitions need to be. Zoning a small garden simply needs a little more consideration and the end result can be highly impactful. If approached the right way, you can even make your space feel bigger. 

Here are some things to bear in mind: 

  • Sunny and shady areas: These will determine where best to place specific pieces to create your garden zones. 
  • The view: What do you want to have sight of or – perhaps more to the point – not have sight of? Place screening appropriately (which should be on the slimmer side) to create secluded nooks with privacy from neighbours’ windows. Adding screening to define an area in a small space can certainly still create a wow factor. 
  • Your seating: Choose furniture that folds down when not in use, has a modular, space-saving design or is multi-functional such as this storage bench
  • Use corners wisely: Placing seating areas in corners offers a prime opportunity for garden zoning, especially if you have space for a pergola with side panels that add some welcome screening. 
  • Multi-functional areas: Make zones work as hard as they can. Want to grow plants and create a privacy screen or divider? Use a trellis planter to section different areas and grow your plants up it. With a pot or planter on the other side, you can even grow a second plant or two up the back. 
  • Be clever with colour: Position your plants for maximum effect, such as placing purple-flowering plants around your seating area and contrasting yellow plants next to them in the adjoining zone. Not only will this create the effect of having different ‘rooms’ but by using the colour wheel to create attractive contrasts, it will look more interesting and inviting. 


Ready to implement some of our garden zone ideas? Our garden range has everything you need to get started, from outdoor furniture to solar lights and even landscaping equipment. Have a browse now and start your garden transformation journey!