How to Get Privacy in an Overlooked Garden
May 23, 2022

When you’re relaxing in your garden, you don’t want to feel like you’re being looked at by neighbours or passers-by but, with lots of British houses crammed closely together, it’s the way things are for many a household in Blighty. 


Learning how to get privacy in an overlooked garden is important if you’re yearning for a private space to enjoy the outdoors in – cue our overlooked garden ideas. Our solutions can work wonders and provide you with a peaceful, private haven to enjoy.


Some of the Best Overlooked Garden Solutions

Whether it’s a quick fix solution or change on a bigger scale you’re looking for, we have plenty of ideas to help you out. The right fencing, using outbuildings strategically and letting plants work their magic for you are just some of our overlooked garden solutions. Find out exactly how to carry out each of these ideas and more below. 


Use Outbuildings to Your Advantage

When strategically placed, outbuildings can really work to your advantage. For example, if there’s a corner of your garden that’s particularly overlooked, a shed or summerhouse can offer you that extra privacy you’d love. Browse our range of garden buildings to see if there’s one that suits you – we have something for every budget, whether it’s a summerhouse, shed or storage unit.

Choose Your Fencing Wisely

The humble fence is a brilliantly effective way of getting privacy in an overlooked garden. Closeboard fence panels or double-slatted fencing is made with privacy in mind: gaps don’t feature in these designs, making them some of the best overlooked garden solutions around. Choose one high enough to suit your needs – if you want some privacy from neighbours’ upstairs windows, for example, the taller, the better. There’s also the option of a bamboo slat screen for a more natural feel, which is great if you’re on a budget.

Create a Private Corner

If an outbuilding or installing new fence panels isn’t an option, creating a private corner is another way to improve privacy in your garden. You can use a fence panel or two, or some trellis with climbing plants (more on this later) to create a fenced-off corner, behind which you can sunbathe un-watched to your heart’s content. 

Pergolas can also be great for gaining privacy. While many feature just a roof, some come with side panels, like this model from Forest Garden. This Monaco Metal Gazebo Pergola is a very popular choice as it features not only a slide-away sun shade, but four slide-away side panels for the utmost privacy. Add some decking and a lovely garden sofa set to lounge on and you’ve got a wonderfully private haven to retreat to. 

Be Clever with Your Garden Furniture

Not possible to add tall fence panels or anything too high? Get smart with your garden furniture instead. Low garden furniture will offer you some privacy, so swap your swing seat for a sun lounger, which will recline to help you relax in the sun and prevent people seeing you when they walk past your fence. A tilting parasol might also help when positioned strategically. 

Some outdoor seats come with a handy canopy, like this day bed, offering built-in privacy as well as shade from the sun – so if you nod off, no problem! If angled the right way, you’ll be shielded from view.

Let Your Plants do the Talking

If you have the space, shrubs and trees make great privacy screens, with bushy varieties your best bet. No need to start them off from seed – you can get instant results by buying ready-grown trees from our live plants range. As they grow, they’ll offer the benefit of ever more privacy. If you want your garden to be productive as well as private, opt for a fruit tree or bush instead.

Climbing plants will also help you get privacy in an overlooked garden. Set up a trellis and let your favourite climbers, such as ivy or climbing roses, scramble up to the top. While this method may take a bit longer as the plants need time to grow, it’s one of the most attractive ways to achieve your aim.

So which option do you think you’ll go for? Whether you choose the plant route, outbuilding solution or even all of our ideas, your garden is sure to be a much more private and relaxing space to relax in. Have a browse through our full garden range and be inspired with our collection of plants, outbuildings, garden furniture and more. 


Private haven, here we come!