How to Get Rid of Spiders During Spider Season
August 22, 2019

There’s nothing worse than seeing an eight-legged visitor scurrying across your living room floor when you least expect it. But spider season is right around the corner (as the weather starts cooling, spiders start finding their way into homes looking for warmth) so you may well be seeing more of these creepy little crawlies soon. If you’re filled with horror at the mere thought of this, don’t worry - with a few tricks up your sleeve you’ll be able to keep them away just fine. Find out exactly how to get rid of spiders with our handy tips...

spider catcherspider catcher

Trap them at a distance

Simple yet effective, spider catchers allow you to catch the little terrors without getting too close. This one from The BUZZ will catch a spider at a 1 metre distance and gently hold it in the bristles until you release it. 

the buzz how to get rid of spidersthe buzz how to get rid of spiders

Repel them with smells they hate

Spiders hate the smell of mint and do all they can to avoid it. The BUZZ spider repellent is mint-scented and poison-free - spray some around windows and doors to create a barrier to spiders coming any further without harming them. 

rentokil spider traprentokil spider trap

Catch them as they crawl

Insect traps like this one from Rentokil catch spiders in and around the home as they walk over it. A bit like their own webs, it has a sticky surface that’ll glue them to the spot until you take them outside. It’ll also trap cockroaches, woodlice, ants and other insects. 

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acana spider stopperacana spider stopper

Stop them dead

This Acana Spider Stopper Spray stops spiders dead indoors and out without using any harsh chemicals. Odourless and non-staining, this spray leaves no residues and acts fast, whether you use it in your home or outside in the shed. Perfect for those spider emergencies. 

exterior plants spider seasonexterior plants spider season

Keep exterior plants to a minimum

Spiders are naturally attracted to vegetation as it makes a great hiding place. But when the weather cools down during spider season, they’ll aim to seek refuge in your warm home by crawling in through the window or cracks in the walls.

lights spider seasonlights spider season

Turn off outdoor lights

As their prey is attracted to the light, the spiders will be too. Avoid attracting them to your house by keeping any outdoor lights turned off – or at least close the windows when they’re on!

By following these tips you can reduce the number of spider sightings and get rid of them with ease. No more entering a house of horrors – let's leave that till Halloween!