How to Grow Courgettes
April 25, 2024

Courgettes are one of the most popular types of veg to grow in your garden or allotment as they’re easy to grow and yield lots of produce. They’re hugely versatile to cook with and can be easily preserved in the freezer for plentiful warming soups in the winter months. Even the flowers are edible on this bountiful plant.

In this guide our gardening experts will guide you through how to grow courgettes for a spectacular harvest from midsummer into early autumn. 

Growing Courgettes from Seed

Courgettes are easy to grow from seed. You can either start them off indoors in spring with a propagator or sow the seeds outside in early summer. 

Give them a warm, sheltered, sunny spot with plenty of water and they’ll grow faster than you might think. 

It’s best to pick courgettes while young and tender before they quickly grow into marrows. Don’t worry about picking them too early – the flavour and texture of younger crops is better and frequent harvesting encourages the plant to keep producing those tasty courgettes. 

How to Sow Courgette Seeds

If you want to sow your seeds outdoors, do so in late May or early June when the weather’s warm enough. If you’ve sown yours indoors, plant them out in early summer when the soil has been warmed up. These will start to crop sooner than plants sown outdoors from seed. 

Prepare the area – either at least a square metre of ground area or a large pot at least 45cm wide – by digging in plenty of good quality compost (homemade is great) roughly 20cm deep.

If growing in containers, adding stakes in a conical shape will provide an attractive support for your courgette plants, which love to climb. It’ll also save you space as they’ll grow vertically. If you’re not adding any supports, the plants will grow equally well, but be prepared to have them scrambling all over the place fast!

If supports are in place, sow two or three seeds next to each stake, 2.5cm deep. If not using stakes, sow the seeds in the centre at the same depth. Space additional sowing sites at least 90cm apart. Water well. Once the seedlings appear, pick out the weaker ones to leave the biggest and strongest. 

Protect them if you can to prevent slugs and snails ruining the plants.

How to Care for Courgette Plants

For the best results, water well. Courgettes are thirsty plants, especially if being grown in pots, so try to keep the soil moist and prevent it from drying out. In hot summers, water them daily. Aim for the base of the plant if you can when watering, rather than wetting all the leaves as the moisture on the leaves can cause fungal diseases. 

When the first crops appear, feed with a liquid tomato fertiliser every 10-14 days to help them thrive. These fertilisers aren’t just for gardeners growing tomatoes – the high potash content will benefit most plants, including courgettes. 

Top Tip

Plant your courgettes on top of your compost heap (as long as you won’t need it in late summer). They’ll love having such a nutrient-dense base to grow from and will be scrambling up and over it in no time. 

With all these expert tips on how to grow courgettes, your plants will be thriving and cropping before you know it. You’ll find everything you need for growing these prolific croppers in our garden range.

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