How SodaStream Helps You Reduce Your Plastic Footprint
April 20, 2022

Love sparkling water but fed up of single-use plastics? With over 330 million tonnes of this man-made product produced annually, it’s not surprising you want to find out how to reduce plastic waste.

But luckily, there is a way to enjoy all those fizzy beverages you love while rejecting single-use plastic bottles: the SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker.

This eco-friendly appliance turns tap water into sparkling in seconds, reducing the average household plastic bottle intake by 1,282 bottles per year*. It also provides a healthy alternative to sugary fizzy drinks as you can infuse your sparkling water with natural fruit. You can even customise the amount of bubbles you want in your water, so it’s fun for the kids to use too. It’s a win-win situation!

With a snap-lock bottle system, it’s quick and easy to make your drinks, and you can say goodbye to lugging all those heavy bottles from the shops. You’ll also save space as there’s no need to store bottles of beverages or empty bottles for recycling in your home.

Every cylinder offers an impressive 60L of sparkling water, so it’s a great way to make fizzy drinks at home while reducing your plastic footprint. It comes with an earth-friendly 1L BPA-free PET carbonating bottle that has a lifespan of up to 3 years — which equals a whole lot of single-use bottles prevented from going to landfill! Plus, whenever you bring back your SodaStream carbonating cylinders to our stores, we’ll send them away to be refilled and give you a discount on your new ones.

Check out how to use the SodaStream Spirit below, and if you fancy getting one for your home, you’ll find them in our stores. To find your local store, simply use our store locator.