How to Survive the Wimbledon Queue
June 27, 2019

If you’re lucky enough to attend Wimbledon this year, you’ll no doubt be bracing yourself for the lengthy queue. But why resign yourself to a boring wait when you can have a bit of fun?

Check out our tips for surviving the Wimbledon queue and how to make the best of it!

Have a picnic

You could be waiting a long time in that queue so pack your picnic rug, bring along your cool bag and have a alfresco feast with your friends while you wait. The tennis may be the main event but there’s no reason the wait can’t be fun too!

TIP: Make sure your cool bag has soft sides like this one as hard-sided containers and bags aren’t allowed.

Take a clear reusable mug for drinks

You can’t take in opaque mugs or bottles, so if you want buy a coffee there but don’t want a throwaway mug, a clear reusable one is your best bet. This Pom Pom Tumbler with Straw even features tiny balls for a little tennis-themed fun!

  • Don’t forget your sun cream

If it’s anything like last year it could be swelteringly hot, so make sure you protect your skin. This Incognito Mini Insect Repellent Sun Cream is small enough to fit in your bag and has the added bonus of warding off biting insects, so it’s a win-win. 

…Or your umbrella

The weather could go the other way of course, so be prepared with an umbrella. No one wants to wait all that time in the Wimbledon queue just to end up soaked!

Take a power bank

We all know that your phone running out of charge is like losing an arm so make sure you take a power bank just in case.

Having a Wimbledon viewing party instead?

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to ace it!

  • Pimm’s glasses – Drink in style with this elegant glassware.
  • Dessertware – Serve your strawberries and cream in style.
  • BBQ – Grill up your favourite meal for your guests in a regular or portable BBQ, and enjoy the summer tennis to the max.
  • TV – Need an upgrade before it starts? We’ve got plenty to choose from.
  • Slushie machine for the kids – They’ll have a blast too with a chilled sweet treat!