The Best Interior Design Trends to Get on Board with in 2022
January 21, 2022

Our homes are where we spend most of our time, so it’s important they’re spaces we want to be in - and nothing makes a space more appealing than the right decor. 


There are lots of stunning interior design trends this year to take inspiration from and make your home the envy of all your friends. 

Whether it’s with simple swaps to your furniture or bigger, bolder ideas, there’s lots to think about.

Neutral colours are a huge trend for 2022 and the good news is, they’re super-easy to incorporate. One way to refresh your home with gorgeous neutrals is to add cushions, throws or bedding in your chosen hues. As these tones work well with most other colours, you don’t need to make over your whole room to make them work.

If you want to go bolder, opt for a sofa or chairs in natural colours or, better still, some paint or wallpaper. Neutral walls are key for giving a room a fresh, natural finish. Add in some houseplants, natural textures like rattan and either unpainted or neutral wooden furniture, and you’ll have an on-trend interior to be proud of.

Give Your Outdoor Furniture a Makeover

After so many lockdowns, our outdoor spaces are more important than ever so you may want to give your garden furniture as much attention as your indoor furniture. There are plenty of ways to create the perfect plot of paradise on your doorstep: the right bench, dining set or swing seat for example. Big pieces like this will form the basis of your space, which you can accessorise with a decadent fire pit or chiminea - perfect for extending summer evenings with friends - or charming outdoor lighting like string lights and lanterns.

You could also put up a pergola above your furniture set. These stunning open ‘ceilings’ frame your space and add a real sense of luxury. Browse our full Outdoor Living range to see our full collection and be inspired!

Bring The Outdoors In 

Just as many people are making living rooms in their gardens, many are also looking to incorporate elements of the outdoors into their homes, known as ‘biophilic design’. A type of design that originated in the building industry, it’s essentially about heightening our connectivity with nature by bringing it into the home. Whether this is with living walls (walls made up entirely of living plants) or more scaled-down ideas like having lots of leafy house plants for a forest-like atmosphere, it’s a really impactful way of designing your interior.

Not many of us will have the time or budget for a full biophilic redesign, but it’s easy to achieve the desired effect with everyday items. Take wallpaper, for example. This stunning Wild Vibes design will bring framed flora and foliage into your home and would make the perfect feature wall. For something fresher and more in keeping with the neutral trend mentioned above, this Tropical Palm print wallpaper is ideal. This self-adhesive paper can actually be used on more than just your walls - you can use it to upcycle old furniture, like a chest of drawers, and create a stunning focal point. You could also try floral cushions and either real or artificial flowers and plants.

Add Some Texture with a Rug

Adding texture and tactile fabrics to the home is another of the big interior design trends for 2022, and there’s no better way to incorporate some texture to a room than with a rug. We have a huge range to choose from to inspire you with living room rug ideas like this Shaggy Rug in ochre, bedroom ideas and even garden inspiration! This Charles Bentley rug, for example, can be used both indoors and out.

But how big should a rug be? What size rug for a living room is best? How on earth do you choose the right one? A rug that’s too small will look lost in your space, while one that’s too big will drown it. Essentially, it all depends on the size of your room and the furniture you have in it. Here are the best sizes for different room dimensions:

80 x 150cm - A little bigger than the average coffee table, this is great for small spaces. 

120 x 170cm - Around the size of a two-seater sofa, this size works well under a coffee table in a small to medium room.

160 x 230cm - A good one for medium sized rooms, this is ideal for placing under a two-seater sofa. Remember the rug should be larger than your sofa rather than the same size. 

200 x 290cm - Perfect for placing under a three-seater sofa or double bed, this size is great for larger rooms. 


Make Your Home Work Smarter 

‘Alexa, turn the lights pink’. With technology evolving, more and more people are turning to smart home tech - which could help you in the style stakes as well as provide an easier lifestyle.

With a smart speaker you can ask your virtual assistant to do all sorts around the house, from boiling the kettle to changing the colour of your lights to set the mood. If your speaker is connected to a light bulb like this TCP Smart Dimmable Colour-Changing Light Bulb, you can have pink lights for parties, blue lights for yoga time or whatever takes your fancy. 

If you’re looking for a smart speaker like the Google Home Smart Speaker, check out our guide to find the best one for you. If it’s a smart security system you’re after to protect your beautiful home, we’ve got a great guide for that too.

Dare to Go Bold

Another top interior design trend this year is making a statement with big, bold ideas, whether that means furniture, wallpaper or impactful cushions and throws.

This Arthouse Paul Moneypenny Tropical Infinity Multi Wallpaper is a stunning print and has even more impact when combined with block coloured furniture to complement the colours in the print.  

Bold, block coloured furniture also works well when contrasted with neutral tones to make the piece really pop.Take this Boston 3-Seater Sofa in Apricot - when placed next to a strong, monotone wall, it can’t fail to impress.  

Add Some Curves to Your Space

Soft curves will be replacing harsh lines in 2022. Round coffee tables, curved sofas, elegant round mirrors… they’re all set to soften the mood this year.

This Curved Chair in Dijon velvet is a great way to add a soft yet sophisticated feel to your room, while this Rowan Elegant Modern Bevelled Round Mirror looks stunning with its thin gold frame. This Novara Gold and Glass Round Coffee Table, on the other hand, fuses curved and straight lines for the ultimate impact. 

Whether you decide to opt for curved lines, bold patterns, biophilic design or any of the other ideas we’ve talked about, we hope you’ve been inspired to create something beautiful! If you want to keep the inspo coming, check out our full home and furniture range and create something truly special.