The Best Lawnmowers: A Buying Guide
June 19, 2019

With so many brands and models out there, picking the perfect lawnmower to suit your garden can sometimes seem like a daunting challenge. Do you go with petrol or electric, corded or cordless, push or self-propelled? 

To help you make the best choice for keeping your lawn looking lavish, we’ve compiled this handy lawnmower buying guide with our best picks and top tips.

The Robotic Lawnmower

One of the best lawnmowers nowadays is the wonderful robotic lawnmower. Because why mow the lawn when a robot will do it for you?

flymo robotic lawnmowerflymo robotic lawnmower

Why buy?

Completely self-sufficient – The robotic lawnmower makes mowing the lawn absolutely effortless as it’ll get the job done without you. Some models even mulch the grass so you don’t have to empty the grass box. 

Anti-theft alarm – Most models come with a loud anti-theft alarm so you can enjoy your leisure time without having to keep an eye on the lawnmower.

Mows on slopes – Robotic lawnmowers even work on slopes as they have high traction wheels. Each model will vary so check how steep an incline they can climb.

Programmable – You can set the size of your garden and it’ll get going without bumping into any obstacles. It’ll even park back up in its charging station when it’s finished the job or run out of charge.


Best for:

Any sized garden – and anyone who either struggles to mow the lawn or simply doesn’t want to do it! Each model varies as to how much lawn they can cover on one charge, but however much they mow, they’ll automatically return to their station if they run out of power, where they’ll recharge for several hours and then get going again.

Best robotic lawnmower:

The Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower features adjustable cutting heights; mows discreetly, emitting 59dB(A); and cuts on slopes up to gradient of 25%. It’s great for larger gardens as it cuts up to 400m2 on a single charge.

The Petrol Lawnmower

Petrol powered models are great if you want a more hands on experience, maintaining your own machine and feeling the power course through it as you rev up and hit the turf. They also have other distinct advantages.

hyundai petrol lawnmowerhyundai petrol lawnmower

Why buy?

Self-propelled - Most petrol lawnmowers are self-propelled, taking the back pain out of gardening. This is partly what makes them ideal for larger gardens. There are a few models out there that aren’t self-propelled though, so make sure you check before you buy.

Powerful - There’s no denying it – petrol lawnmowers pack a serious punch. They’re great for slicing through tougher grass and can handle slopes and uneven surfaces much better than their electric counterparts.

Mobile - Despite being heavier, with a petrol lawnmower you’ll never be limited by a power cord. They should definitely be considered for lawns over 200m², and we strongly recommended them for any over 300 m². You also don’t have to keep checking that you aren’t about to run over the power cord!

Durable - The individual parts tend to be stronger and longer lasting. Although petrol mowers require more maintenance, you’ll find that they are built to last and can serve you for years if you look after them properly.

Best for

Larger gardens. The extra power and mobility make them ideally suited for covering bigger areas, and, as more petrol models have wider blades than other types, they can often get the job done faster.

Best petrol lawnmower

The ‘no fuss’ Hyundai 4-Stroke Petrol Lawnmower runs straight on unleaded petrol so there’s no messy mixing. It also boasts an impressive 139cc 4-stroke petrol engine, which reduces noise and fuel consumption, making it a more efficient lawnmower.

The Electric Lawnmower

As well as being much quieter and better for the environment, there are a number of other reasons why an electric lawnmower may be the right fit for you.

bosch rotak electric lawnmowerbosch rotak electric lawnmower

Why buy?

Manoeuvrable - Lighter and easier to move, electric lawnmowers are great for getting into smaller spaces and right up to the edge of lawns. You’ll find getting them in and out of storage and ready to use is quicker too.
Easy to maintain - With electric lawnmowers you won’t be getting your hands quite so dirty! There’s no need to change sparkplugs, switch out fuel filters or replace oil. Simply plug in and get mowing.
Cheaper - With no petrol required, electric lawnmowers cost you less to run. Your increase in electricity use will be comfortably offset by not having to keep it topped up with fuel.

Best for

Smaller gardens. In general, electric lawnmowers are well suited for manoeuvring around tighter lawns and are easier to store if you don’t have loads of space.

Best electric lawnmower

Our number one bestseller, the lightweight and easy-to-handle Bosch Rotak 34 R is ideal for smaller lawns and has enhanced grass combs to cut right up to the edge. (If you love Bosch, browse online to check out more Bosch lawnmowers). We also recommend .the Flymo Easi Glide 300 which is a hover lawnmower that glides on air cushions. This Flymo lawnmower is extremely lightweight and manoeuvrable – ideal if you’re mowing around flowerbeds or borders.

The Cordless Lawnmower

As well as being much quieter and better for the environment, there are a number of other reasons why an electric lawnmower may be the right fit for you.If you’re looking for a lighter alternative to a petrol mower, or you just don’t fancy the ongoing maintenance, then a battery powered cordless lawnmower can deliver a decent balance.
flymo cordless lawnmowerflymo cordless lawnmower

Why buy?

Best of both worlds - They come with all the advantages of electric models but with the freedom of mowing you get from a petrol lawnmower. They are quieter, cheaper to run and some larger models are also self-propelled to help you tackle those bigger lawns. You’ll still have to compromise on power, but it’s the trade-off you make for a significantly lighter mower.

Best for

Large gardens that require extra mobility. If you have a lawn that’s too big for a standard corded electric, but has awkward edges or irregularly sized areas of grass that heavier petrol mowers can’t get to, then a cordless electric lawnmower is the perfect solution. 

Best cordless lawnmower

Powered by a high performance Li-ion battery, the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 can cut up to 250m2 on a single charge, which is approximately the area of a full size tennis court. With 5 different height adjustments, the 30cm blade makes light work of any mowing task, cutting close to edges and borders. After use, it folds away for neat and tidy storage.

The Cylinder Lawnmower

Although most motorised cylinder mowers are considered a more specialist purchase, manual models boast unique and valuable features that could make them ideally suited to your lawn.

cylinder lawnmowercylinder lawnmower

Why buy?

High quality cut - With their distinctive scissor-like cutting action, cylinder lawnmowers give a precise, fine cut for noticeably sharper results. Standard models for regular small-sized lawns come with either 5 or 6 blades, but for the best possible finish then you’ll need a 10 or 12 blade model – though these types are normally used by professionals for very large areas. They also all come with rollers instead of back wheels, for that unmistakable striped lawn effect.


Range of models - Cylinder lawnmowers come in electric, cordless and petrol models and are also available as self-propelled if you’re cutting large areas of grass. For a regular lawn, however, a manual model is ideal.

Best for

Frequently cut or ornamental gardens. Mostly associated with classic luxury grade lawns, they work best on flat, uniform and stone-free lawns and can provide a truly immaculate finish. Manual cylinder lawnmowers are best for smaller lawns as they’re much easier to whip out of storage for a quick tidy-up.

Top picks

The manual Wolf-Garten Push 30cm Cylinder Hand Mower is ideal for smaller gardens and it even comes with a rear roller for that classic striped finish.