Low Cost Health and Fitness Goals for the New Year
December 27, 2023

Of all the promises we make to ourselves in the New Year, health resolutions are the most common – yet they’re often the ones we find hardest to stick to. But worry not: here at Robert Dyas, we’ve compiled a list of goals for the new year that are relatively easy to keep and don't break the bank. Healthy habits, here we come!

Fast Food without the Ultra Processing

The more we learn about ultra processed food, the worse it seems to get when it comes to our health.  But there’s a reason so much of our diet is made up of ultra processed foods – not only are they often cheap, but finding the time to cook from scratch can be tough! You can make it easier on yourself by using fast and efficient cooking appliances. So many food types can be cooked well, at the touch of a button, in an air fryer – and with minimal oil too. Plus, being faster and smaller to heat than regular ovens, they save on energy bills.

Forget the Membership – Gym It at Home

Gyms are expensive – so create your own at home instead. Once you’ve got your fitness equipment and accessories, which don’t have to cost a lot, it’s free! Whether you’re into weight training, running on the treadmill or some gentle yoga, we’ve got you covered.

Low Cost, Low Impact Exercise

Heard of the cosy cardio trend? If you’re not keen on going all out for your workouts and would rather watch your favourite show in your dressing gown while you exercise, try low impact (and low cost) cardio. Wall Pilates and yoga are great – just lay down your yoga mat, grab some resistance bands and switch on the TV.

Boost Your Gut the Budget-friendly Way

Since gut health is linked to nearly all aspects of our physical and mental health, it makes perfect sense to try and increase your levels of gut bacteria – but a good quality probiotic can be pretty expensive. The great news is that there are other ways to boost your gut health – predominantly through the food we eat. Experts recommend eating 30 different plant foods a week to optimise your gut health. If that sounds daunting, why not try making a superfood soup with a soup maker?

Or you could even make your own probiotic-packed food with this Kefirko Cheese Maker and Kefirko Veggie Fermenter.

Homemade Mocktails

A recent study by Drinkaware shows 1 in 5 young adults are now saying no to alcohol, which is definitely a healthy trend to follow. But instead of buying expensive, sugary, alcohol alternatives, why not make your own mocktails? Pick up a blender, juicer or cocktail shaker and enjoy a health kick with your Friday night drink.

Smart Fitness for Every Budget

Scales no longer just tell you how much you weigh but they’ll track your body composition over time and send a spreadsheet of your progress to your smartphone, while fitness trackers monitor your heart rate and sleep as well as your steps. If stretching for an Apple watch feels out of reach though, you can hop on board this trend without breaking the bank thanks to our great value fitness trackers and smart scales.

Collagen Without the Price Tag

With the promise of fewer wrinkles, glossier hair and stronger bones, it’s hard to find an influencer who isn’t taking collagen supplements. These supplements come with a hefty price tag though, so it’s good to know we can also get some from our diet – from bone broth for example. Slow cooking is a really easy way to make bone broth and a far cheaper way to try the collagen trend. Pick up a slow cooker and get some collagen without the cost.

A Splash of Common Sense

Heard of the TikTok hashtag #WaterTok? There’s no shortage of fancy water recipes, but the cost of these can be a little prohibitive. Instead of blowing your budget to buy something that’s free from your tap, why not pick up one of these on-the-go water filter bottles, or a water filter jug for your fridge? They’ll take the nasties out of your water and cost just a few pence a litre.

Save on Petrol and Get Fit with a Bike

Tick off three resolutions in one with a bike: get fit, help the environment and save money on petrol. We have some great road bikes that are perfect for your commute, as well as mountain bikes if you’d prefer the off-road, scenic route.

Now the question is which of our healthy living ideas to start with first? Whichever you choose – and however many – we wish you luck. Enjoy the journey!