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New Year Resolution Ideas - 7 Health & Fitness Gadgets to Keep You Motivated

Jan 2, 2019

After a little overindulgence this Christmas and as we enter into the New Year, it’s time to start thinking about ways to get yourself eating and feeling better. So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite gadgets to help you stay motivated.


Get an intense core workout from home with the WonderCore Smart Machine. In this one clever gadget you get six concentrated exercises to target your abs, triceps, biceps and obliques. And whether you’re just starting out or are a regular gym-goer, it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at as you can adjust the resistance to suit you. Plus, the compact, foldable design is easy to store away after use.


Make the most of all the fruits and veg you’ll be packing into your diet with this powerful blender. With super-speedy blades that extract nutrition, you’ll get all the vitamins in every soup, smoothie and sauce you make.

Folding Bike

Want to save money and help the environment while you get fit? Then why not cycle all or part of your commute? This clever folding bike has six gears for easy city riding and collapses down in just 20 seconds, so it’s great if you have to hop on the train.


Revolutionise the way you get your five-a-day with the classic spiralizer. It transforms fruits and vegetables into delicious curls that make a great low-carb alternative to spaghetti.

Analyser Scales

If you’re serious about getting fit and healthy, it’s important to understand your body. When you begin exercising regularly your body changes, and as fat levels reduce but muscle increases a simple number on the scales may not give you a proper indication. These scales not only tell you your weight but analyse your BMI and BMR as well as your fat, water and muscle percentages.

Air Fryer

Allowing yourself a treat every now and then really helps to maintain a healthy diet, and the Daewoo Halogen Air Fryer lets you enjoy delicious homemade chips with no oil at all – it’s a great way to stay on track while enjoying a little indulgence.

Health Grill

A grill is a quick and easy way to cook your favourite foods the healthy way – it requires no extra oil and has a drip tray to collect excess fat. This George Foreman Grill has plates large enough to cook family meals and has a floating hinge for evenly cooking thick food.

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