Organising Your Home with Clever Storage Solutions
January 19, 2021

The popular saying ‘Tidy house, Tidy mind’ that most of us have heard so many times is definitely a wise phrase. Sure let’s face it getting the home organised smartly seems to be on-trend lately, whether you’ve watched all episodes of ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ on Netflix or not - so you might as well jump on the home organising wagon! Plus, organising your home so it’s clean and free of clutter can really work wonders for your health and peace of mind; keeping stress levels down while motivating you to make a start on other tasks that you may have been procrastinating. 

We know this task of decluttering your living space can seem like a tedious household chore to tackle at the start. However when you break it down, immediately it becomes less daunting. Coming up with a plan of storage ideas for each room in the house is a good place to start. The trick to success is researching and deciding on what storage solutions would work best in each room, how regularly the storage will be used and of course your budget. Another good tip for seamless organisation is coming up with zones for storing particular things in your home, so they are all in one place, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. 

Whether you’re planning on completely starting from scratch with organising your home or you just want to add additional storage to an area or a new room you’ve just decorated, we’ve compiled some ideal and practical storage ideas for different rooms to get you started. 

Reap the rewards of creating ample storage space by choosing clever products that will make organising a breeze, while of course fitting into the style of your home - who knows it might even become your new favourite hobby.


Even with so many kitchen cupboards and units, storage may feel limited at times if things are not being organised efficiently. Find nifty kitchen storage solutions of all sizes below to ensure your space is being maximised.


Notorious for being used as a dumping ground, the hallway is an area that becomes cluttered very easily. Add furniture with built-in storage and decorate it with home accessories to make it a statement piece in the hallway.

Home Office

Sometimes, the home office can become filled with other things in the house. Create a tidy office space and introduce storage to keep belongings in order and behind the scenes.


Depending on the wardrobe space and size of your bedroom, finding enough space for all of your clothes can be a challenge. Consider some of these smart storage ideas to add into your existing wardrobes, underneath your bed or even in vacant corners.

Kids Playroom

A common dilemma for most parents, keeping the kids' playroom tidy can be a tedious task at the best of times. Filled with children’s toys, it requires quick win storage solutions - check out some of our suggestions below.