Pastry Making Dos AND Don’ts
April 08, 2020

Bake Off got you feeling inspired to make your own pie and profiteroles? Before you get your hands dirty, take a look at our hints and tips to make the perfect pastry every time.


Let it rest. Pastry needs to rest for at least 30 minutes after kneading to hold its shape during cooking.

Use an egg wash. This will add a glossy finish to pies and tarts for that professional touch.

Cool your hands. Making sure your hands, kitchen utensils and ingredients are chilled will stop the fat getting greasy.

Use flour. A light dusting on the worktop and rolling pin will prevent it sticking and tearing.

Bake it blind. This means cooking the pastry bare with baking beans to help prevent shrinkage.


Melt the butter. It seems illogical but cold butter will help maintain a flaky texture

Give up on rubbing in. The process of rubbing butter into flour is what gives pastry its unique flaky texture.

Don’t reheat from frozen. If you’re keeping leftovers, make sure it’s fully defrosted before reheating.

Don’t over-work it. If you knead the pastry too much it may become thick and crumbly.