Planning a picnic: our tips and tricks
August 03, 2017

Heading for the great outdoors with a hamper of delicious treats with friends and family is a fabulously British way of enjoying the summer – and making the most of our fleeting sunshine! To help you plan the perfect picnic, we’ve pulled together our top tips and tricks for making your day a success, as well as some key product picks that are a must-have at every outdoor gathering.

picnic foodpicnic food

Choose picnic-friendly puddings

From sandwiches and sausage rolls to scotch eggs and quiches, we all know our way around the picnic classics, but it’s the sweet treat selection that can be a trickier proposition. To avoid melting chocolate, crushed pastries and pesky wasps, make sure you stock up on some picnic-friendly puddings. Brownies, shortbread and cookies are all easy to wrap and share, while pre-sliced tray bakes and loaf cakes are also convenient crowd pleasers.
melamine picnicware kitchen craft we love summermelamine picnicware kitchen craft we love summer

Pack some proper picnicware

Buying shatter-proof melamine plates, cups and bowls is an absolute must. Melamine is basically extremely tough plastic that is virtually unbreakable, and is cheap, lightweight and comes in a number of fun and trendy designs. Melamine picnicware will ensure cracks and smashes are a thing of the past, even if they get dropped or trodden on, while also giving your picnic a chic touch of style that will brighten everyone’s day.
homemade drinkhomemade drink

Bring homemade drinks and condiments

Whipping up your own tasty trimmings will give your picnic a homely touch and make it marvellously memorable. Flavoured water is a quick and tasty way of scoring some serious picnic points with friends and family; check out these refreshing recipes for some healthy flavoured favourites. Adding character to your salads is incredibly easy with these delicious dressings, and when it comes to packing them for your picnic, Kilner’s quaint 0.5L Clip Top Round Jar is the perfect size and provides a neat, retro solution to the problem of soggy salads!
family cool bagfamily cool bag

Keep it cool

Whether you’re going for a solid cool box or a handy shoulder bag, having chilled food and drink is a sure-fire way of keeping friends and family happy. If you’re bringing ice then make sure you’ve got a reliable thermos ready to go. You can keep your favourite tipples chilled all day by filling it with ice cubes and topping up your guests’ glasses when required!
picnic folding chairpicnic folding chair

Get comfy

You’ll want everyone to be comfortable while they’re tucking in, so make sure you’ve planned some seating for your picnic. We have a great range of nifty camping chairs with handy cup holders for you to sit back and relax in.
headphones music picnicheadphones music picnic

Add music

What better way to create a bit of atmosphere at your picnic than with your favourite music gently playing away in the background? We have a fantastic selection of light and portable Bluetooth speakers. Just plug in and play!
giant darts picnic gamegiant darts picnic game

Throw in some outdoor games

If you’re looking for one last finishing touch to make your picnic complete, then why not grab one of these lively, colourful outdoor game sets. A great laugh for everyone, whether you’ve got kids along or having an adults-only affair. You’re never too old to get involved!
bin linerbin liner

Don’t forget the clean-up

It may not be the most glamorous part of a picnic, but packing essential items like bin bags is a must when you’re eating outdoors. There’s nothing worse than an arduous clean-up operation! All you need is a few sturdy bin liners to make the post-picnic tidy an absolute breeze.