Sensory Chair Ideas for Autistic Children and Adults
November 05, 2018

The world is complex to autistic children and adults, which means they’re often overwhelmed or in a state of anxiety due to all the stimuli around them. As they have trouble processing their surroundings, sensory items that help to make them feel safe are hugely important. Cue the Cuddle Bed bean bags: sensory items for autism that could make a world of difference.

This sensory chair is designed to provide an experience that feels safe, and helps draw the child or adult in from anything distracting that might be happening around them.

The sensory features help children and adults with autism feel safe and secure by offering full body pressure, which helps to calm and soothe them. The weight of the bean bag creates a soothing deep pressure, which relaxes the muscles and helps relieve the stress they experience from sensory processing. Relaxing in a sensory chair or seat like this can really help to settle an autistic person down.

They come in a whole range of different colours and styles, in either medium or large. Made from 100% cotton with removable, washable covers, they’re lovely and soft, and easy to maintain. They’re such a clever item, they’ve even been featured on the BBC and were an official winner of Theo Paphitis’s Small Business Sunday.

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