Summer House Decoration Tips
June 16, 2020

Outdoor oasis, garden haven, home away from home. Whatever you call your summer house, it’ll undoubtedly see more usage as the weather gets warmer. The great British summer is best savoured in style, but outdoor areas can fall victim to neglect and clutter over the winter months. Sound familiar? No worries, we’ve got a few tips to spruce that space up to get the most from the sun-soaked months.


Summer colours


One of the simplest visual tips is a fresh lick of paint. Like all indoor spaces, a room can be transformed with a fresh colourful coat. The fact that you’ll likely spend most of your time in your summer house, in, well, the summer, gives you a perfect excuse to go bold with colour. Go for ones that mimic the sunny weather, like eye-catching yellows, vibrant reds, or sumptuous oranges.


Worried about being too bold? Go for a feature wall that draws the eye to a specific feature and remains a bit more muted for the remaining walls. If bold really isn’t your thing, then pastels could be perfect. Colours like greens, blues, pinks, and yellows create a calming and inviting interior.


Theme it


Another quick and easy decoration tip is to theme it around what it is used for, a simple visual way of doing this is with framed posters. Doing a lot of reading there? Posters of your favourite books might be a good shout. Planning to watch a blockbuster or two? Plump for your favourite film posters to create that cinema feel right in your backyard.


Super summer house furniture


Cosy is one way to go with this decoration tip, but this should be adapted to its size. A soft sofa to sink into will seem like a great idea, but it might make things feel too cosy/cramped if your room is on the small side. Portable furniture or a comfortable bean bag is a great space-saving alternative.


Ultimately, your choice of furniture will come down to what you’re planning to use your summer house for. If you intend to use it for work, cosy may not be the best route. In that instance, a desk and chair to concentrate on your projects will be the best use of your space.


Got some time on your hands? Consider getting creative to really put that unique stamp on your interior design. Upcycling is a great way of turning old furniture into something special and Pinterest has a ton of ideas to get you going.


Hit the lights


Those long summer nights will give your space hours of natural light, but when the sun sets, you’ll need to flick a light on to keep things going. Battery-powered LED wall lights are one practical no-electricity solution. Want a more creative option? Fairy lights, inside or out, are another way of illuminating the area. Twist a few around potted plants for a truly magical effect.