The Best Outdoor Fire Pits to Gather Round This Season
May 01, 2024

One of the most enjoyable things about summer is all the time we can spend outdoors, but when it comes to evenings, they can often be a little on the chilly side. A fire pit can easily remedy this with its inviting warmth and crackling ambience, allowing you to extend your evenings and maximise your summer. But which is the best fire pit? Our experts here at Robert Dyas have selected their top picks for all your summer parties and relaxed evenings, so you can choose the best outdoor fire pit for your needs.

How Fire Pit Landscaping Can Transform Your Garden Space

Fire pit landscaping is all about transforming your garden with specific zones, creating different ‘rooms’ to add interest, with the fire pit zone a dedicated hosting or adults-only space to keep children safe away from the fire. Landscaping around a fire pit can look stunning when done right: think comfy seating to enjoy the warmth of the flames, a patio area and some impactful borders. As for the fire pit, as the centrepiece of your zone, it needs to be the right one for the space.

The Best Outdoor Fire Pits For This Season

Whether you have a large or small outdoor space, a fire pit is always a great addition. It’ll create a welcoming, cosy feel and help you make the most of every summer, allowing you to stay out well into the evening. Here are our top picks, from the best smokeless fire pits to compact tabletop models.

Outsunny 2-In-1 Outdoor Fire Pit & BBQ

Longing for a fire pit and a barbecue but don't have the space? This Outsunny 2-in-1 may be the best fire pit for you. Barbecue by day and fire pit by night, it can smoke your burgers when the grill is on and release an abundance of heat when you want to warm up thanks to its amply-sized firewood bowl. Simply take the grill off and pop the lid on for safety. The lid will also help you smoke your food for the perfect barbecue results, and the included poker allows you to stoke the fire and detach the hot lid without needing to touch it. An excellent all-rounder we think you’ll agree.

Outsunny Smokeless Wood Burning Fire Pit 

Smoke and wind don’t always make the best of friends, so if you want to prevent any smoke from drifting where it’s not wanted, this is one of the best smokeless fire pits. Ideal if you’re concerned about bothering neighbours or guests, this clever design uses hot oxygen to burn the smoke away, leaving you with all the benefits of a fire pit but none of the smoke. Its sleek silver finish also makes it easy to tie in with many types of garden decor and furniture, so it’s a win-win.

Charles Bentley Round Steel Fire Pit

This stylish modern fire pit is lightweight, easy to move around, and durable to last for many summers. With a steel mesh lid to prevent any debris from escaping and a poker included to keep the flames going, it’ll allow you to enjoy your evening safely well into the night.

Monaco Fire Pit

Trying to keep your costs down? This could be the best fire pit for you. Simple in style to fit in with any type of outdoor decor, and sturdy in design, it gives you great value for money. We particularly love the open top which showcases your ambient flames and crackling logs.  

La Hacienda Wildfire Steel Fire Bowl with Grill

This high-quality fire pit will keep your guests warm and well-fed as it also comes with a chrome-plated cooking grill for barbecues. The durable double-steel construction has an attractive flame design and an elegant bronze-effect finish to add a little rustic style to your space, while the mesh lid and poker/lid remover ensure you have everything you need for safe use.

Teamson Home 34" Square Gas Fire Pit

For flames at the touch of a button, this luxury gas fire pit offers the ultimate convenience – as well as the wow factor for medium to large gardens. A garden sofa set would comfortably sit around it for a dedicated outdoor seating area to relax in. Its concrete design oozes style and the gas ignition allows you to adjust the flames according to your needs, while a sleek glass shield will protect you from any flying debris or smoke – ideal if the wind is picking up. Complete with a stainless steel burner and integrated ignition, you can enjoy stable and ash-free burning without the mess. It even comes with a gas bottle to save you a trip to the shops, and a cover to protect it from light showers. All in all, it’s the must-have option for a luxury lifestyle. 

Outsunny Cube Fire Pit with Poker

This Outsunny Cube Fire Pit is perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly option. Its high mesh sides create a stylish aesthetic and allow you to view the flames while staying safe – ideal for those with children. It also comes with a poker so you can keep your distance while keeping the fire going.

Adena Fire Pit

The Adena is another top choice for those looking for a fire pit that doubles as a barbecue, which is perfect if you’re planning summer parties. Made from MGO (magnesium oxide), it has an imitation-stone finish which is fire-, water- and chemical-resistant and extremely stable when used with high heat. Lightweight and environmentally safe, it offers a contemporary style and comes with a safety mesh lid and poker.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire Pit

There are certainly a few things to bear in mind when buying a fire pit to ensure you get the best experience. Our experts recommend considering the following features:


  • Design: Is it an open fire pit or a stylish square design that turns it into a focal point? There are many styles to browse, from classic and modest to high-end luxury. 
  • Size: If you know you’ll be having garden parties, a larger size might be more suited, whereas if you simply want to sit outside with a few family members or friends, you could save money and opt for a smaller pit. 
  • Barbecue feature: If you can’t resist a barbecue, a fire pit that doubles as a grill is worth looking out for. 
  • Safety features: Many fire pits come with a mesh grill to protect you from flying debris and a poker to help you keep a distance when poking the fire to keep it going. High-end designs often have a glass cover.
  • Fuel type: Gas provides instant flames for convenience, whereas a charcoal or wood-fired barbecue demands a traditional hands-on experience.
  • Material: The better the material, the more likely it is to last (provided you remember to use a cover or store it away in harsh weather). Chrome-plated steel grills on barbecue fire pits are good to look out for, as well as a durable material – such as steel – for the pit itself. 


Have a look at our full range of outdoor heating options to find the best fire pit for your space. Once you’ve found it, you can look forward to the warming atmosphere of a crackling fire for many summers to come.