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How to get a lawn like Centre Court’s

June 27, 2016

Every year, the groundsmen and women of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club do a grand job of getting the grass looking lusciously green in time for the first round of the Wimbledon Championships. By the second week, however, even the lawn of Centre Court ends up looking a bit patchy. All that skidding, slipping and sliding eventually takes its toll!

So how do you maintain a lawn? What’s the secret of keeping it green? We asked Richard Redman, our resident lawn care expert and gardening equipment buyer, to give us some tips.

Water regularly in summer

“This may sound obvious, but it’s the single most important thing you can do to keep a lawn looking green and healthy. On the hottest days you should water twice a day. If you don’t have time for it, use a sprinkler system along with an automatic timer.”

Don’t cut it too short

“Cropping the lawn too short leaves it exposed to the sun and therefore much more likely to dry out. Use a higher cutting length on your lawnmower. If your grass is 5cm in length, I’d recommend not taking off any more than half.”

Choose a hardy cultivar (species)

“Some grasses can stand up to more wear and tear than others. If you plan on playing tennis on your lawn, choose the hardiest mix of cultivars you can find. For me, Evergreen’s Multi-Purpose Mix is this year’s Top Seed.”

Feed your lawn

“Applying a quality fertiliser can be the difference between a good looking lawn and a great looking one. For a deep green hue, I’d recommend feeding it maybe two or three times between spring and late autumn.”

Mow in both directions

“Going in the same direction every time tends to flatten the grass, taking away something of its ‘springiness’ as well as its luscious green appearance. Make sure you mow both ways.”

Eliminate weeds

“If you want a lawn to rival Centre Court’s on the opening day of Wimbledon, you’ll certainly need to rid it of weeds. There are all sorts of weed-killers you can buy which are specially formulated for use on lawns. Some of them have moss-killers and even fertiliser included, so you can eliminate weeds, kill off moss and feed grass all at the same time – that’s game, set and match as far as I’m concerned!”

And finally…

 “To achieve that sporty striped effect you’ll need to roll your lawn in both directions. You could use a roller to do this, but you can save time simply by using a lawnmower with one built in.”

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