TV Size Buying Guide
May 11, 2021

Whether it’s a sweeping historical epic, a spectacle of a CGI blockbuster, or an animated masterpiece, you can’t go wrong with a big TV screen, especially if you can fix it to a wall. It makes the experience much more immersive and like a trip to the cinema. Big is best, and it adds that bit of cinematic magic to have a picture that fills up your field of vision. This guide will help you choose the right TV size for your home.


What TV size should I buy?


When making that all important purchasing or upgrade decision, choose the largest screen for your room, budget, and viewing distance. Because you’ll often hear people say they wished they’d bought a larger TV, but hardly ever hear anyone say they wish they’d gone smaller. It will usually cost a bit more, but buying big now will mean you won’t have to think about upgrading later.


What’s the best viewing distance for your TV?


If you’re watching your favourite show on a small screen in a big room, you aren’t going to feel the full effect. That’s because the optimum viewing experience is 40 degrees of your field of vision, so keep this exact viewing science when you are TV shopping. To calculate the best viewing distance use  the following formula: the size of the screen, multiplied by 1.2. So, for example, if you have a 75 inch TV it means sitting 90 inches, or 2.3 metres away. We've broken down the recommended viewing distances into a handy table below:

Screen size

   Viewing Distance



   1.7m (5.5 ft)


   2.0m (6.5 ft)


   2.3m (7.5ft)


   2.6m (8.5ft)

Size considerations


Think about these things now to avoid woes later on when it comes time to putting it in your chosen location. A few things to remember:


  • - If it comes with a stand, will this fit on your unit? Always check the footprint of the stand, as well as the width of the TV.


  • - If you're adding a soundbar, make sure there is enough room on your TV stand for this, and remember, don't buy a soundbar that's too high and will cut off the bottom part of your screen.


  • - TV dimensions are always advertised using their diagonal measurement, don't let this fool you into buying the wrong size, as the height will play a big factor when it comes to your perception of size.


The right size for your room


Measuring up may seem like extra effort, but in the grand scheme of things it will prevent headaches later on. If your room is big enough, think about the next size up for your purchase, as it may mean you’re happier with your TV size for longer.


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