The Ultimate Guide to the Yale Smart Home
September 29, 2021

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, keeping your home secure is paramount. But even if we make sure our doors are locked and valuables are hidden, it can still be difficult to keep thieves away. 

And that’s where Yale Smart Home comes in. 

Not only can their ingenious devices keep your home more secure than ever, but they can all be combined to create an entire Smart Home ecosystem. You can connect them up so they work together for the ultimate convenience, and operate them from one single access point: the Yale Home App.

With this app you can control your Smart Door Locks, CCTV, Smart Home Alarms and more. Providing quick links to the other Yale apps, you can check what’s going on in your home and control each of the connected devices – so you can unlock your door for visitors and arm or disarm your alarm system, to name just a couple of things you can do. 

All you need is:

Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection
iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.2+ Internet connection
Broadband connection
A router with one free wired network port

What Yale Smart Home products are there?

There are lots of different devices you can choose from, including Smart Home alarms, CCTV systems and smart door locks. Have a look below at some of their most useful devices, complete with our top picks, and finished off with some additional handy info.

Yale Smart Door Locks

These innovative smart door locks allow you to lock and unlock your door without the need for keys. You can open your Yale door lock with a PIN code, remote fob or even your smartphone, so you can enter your home easily without having to search through your bag for keys, or leave a spare under a doormat for others. Suitable for any door, they’re ideal for your own home or even that of an elderly relative who needs carers to have daily access to their home.

Great for:

  • Saying goodbye to keys, whether you’re about to leave for work or are rummaging through your bag for them outside
  • Letting in carers, cleaners or others who might be visiting or have forgotten their key
  • Keeping track of who’s entered and left your home, at what time

Top Pick

With the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock you can even assign virtual keys to friends and family, revoking them as you wish. Plus, you can simply twist your phone in front of the door to walk straight in, and check your kids are home safe remotely, with audit trails and mobile notifications.

Does the Yale Smart Lock work with Alexa? 

The smart lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa with an additional module.

Yale Smart Plugs

Control your appliances any time, anywhere with a Yale Smart Plug. It works by allowing you to control your non-smart devices - you simply plug them in and then control them via the app or voice commands (if you have a smart speaker connected). It’s  ideal if you often forget to turn your hair straighteners off, for example, or want to set timers for specific appliances like Christmas lights and heaters.

Yale Smart CCTV Systems

If you’ve ever wanted to check on your home while you’re on holiday, or make sure your pet’s OK while you’re at work, a Yale Smart CCTV system is ideal – it’ll let you view a live stream of your home at any time, wherever you are in the world. All you need to do is set up your CCTV DVR recorder with an internet connection for ultimate peace of mind. You can even add more cameras to create a whole-home security system.

Great for:

  • High definition live streaming, recording, backing up videos and playing them back from anywhere in the world
  • Deterring burglars with its presence alone
  • Providing clear images whatever the weather – even at night and in the worst conditions

Top Pick

The Yale Smart HD 1080p 2-Camera CCTV System boasts 1080p high definition video quality for crisp, clear images, whether the cameras are indoors or out. It also offers 1TB of recording storage, providing plenty of space to record and back up footage from all over your home. 

Want to cover a larger area? Opt for the 4-Camera model. 

Shop all Yale Smart CCTV Systems

What else is available to keep my home safe?

Leaving valuables unprotected when you go away is never a good idea, so a Yale safe could be well worth investing in to keep your belongings secure. Though not in the Yale Smart Home range, they’re a worthy addition to your home security if you have costly valuables or an expensive laptop. 

There are also security alarms for different areas of your home. This Wireless Shed and Garage Alarm is activated immediately once the PIR detects any sort of movement, protecting you from unwanted visitors or thieves.

What else should I know about?

Not sure how to install your Yale smart alarm and other devices? Luckily, Yale have some handy ‘How To’ videos for a lot of their products, which instruct you on how to install your new devices, use them, remove them and other useful information. 

Check out the video guides on their YouTube page and say goodbye to installation problems. Then relax and enjoy your home’s new security for peace of mind, 24/7.