Valentine’s Day Ideas: What to Do without Buying Gifts
February 06, 2020

Why buy gifts for Valentine’s Day when you can do something together instead? Often, spending time together is much more valuable than giving a gift just because you feel you have to. So when thinking of things to do on Valentine’s Day, don’t think about heading to the shops and buying chocolate or single-use gifts. What better way to get your hearts racing than to get fit together?

This year try doing something different – get your partner off the sofa and reap the rewards of getting fit as a team! After all, exercise is always easier when you have a companion to sweat it out with. And of course, it’s not just your fitness levels that’ll enjoy a boost, it’s your relationship too, making it one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas out there. 

Here are five solid reasons for you to grab your partner and a kettlebell and start working out together come the 14th of February.


1. You’ll get more from your workouts

You and your partner can bring real motivation to lift that extra weight, hold a stretch for that bit longer or run the extra mile. Take the JAXJOX KettlebellConnect with six different weights in one for example. With its own app to monitor your progress, you’ll be pushing each other to smash your workouts on a daily basis. It’s easy to compare results as you can have multiple users set up on the devices and have different programmes running at the same time.

Or, you might like to exploit your competitive side and see you and your partner pit

against each other in a battle of the fittest. The classic, of course, is on a bike such as the V-fit Fit- Start Exercise Bike where you can measure speed, distance and time. You could even turn it into a ruthless game – last one to reach 5k has to cook dinner!


2. You’ll see more of each other

We can all feel that our busy schedules get in the way of spending quality time with the one we love, but fitness is the answer! We all need to fit in exercise at some point of the week. Even if that means you have to spot your partner as they lift 60KG on a York Fitness Dumbbell Bench, at least you’ll be looking out for each other and gaining a stronger bond as well as stronger muscles.


3. You’ll discover new exercises


You’ll be surprised what each of you can bring to the yoga mat when you put your heads together. The warrior, downward facing dog, the famous tree pose - these are all perfect for the JAXJOX reversible yoga mats that are specially designed to be absorbent and reduce slipping. You’ll look like a yoga master in front of your partner so long as you can keep that core balance.


4. You be able to reach your goals

Thankfully Valentine’s Day is still early on in the year and so it isn’t too late to get started on your 2020 goals. Double thanks to your partner who can get you through them. So why

not challenge yourselves with the York Fitness 50kg Black Cast Iron Barbell and Dumbbell Spinlock Set and form a regime that’s perfect for toning, building and strengthening muscles.


5. You can strengthen your relationship

A couple who run together are a power couple and everyone envies them. In reality any form of exercise done together will bring you closer together as friends and lovers. If you still like your partner when they’re red in the face and sweat is dripping down their chin, then maybe they’re the one! Of course, if you really want to check if your hearts are in sync, you’ll need the JAXJOX Heart Rate Monitor with adjustable straps, making it perfect for tracking your heart rate throughout any exercise.