British Gifts for Christmas


12+ Very British Gifts for Christmas

November 12, 2018


Being the British company we are, we naturally have heaps of very British gifts. From quintessential tea gifts to experience presents that’ll leave them shaken, not stirred, we’ve got them all.
No need to spend a fortune - some of them only cost a few bob - so grab your cuppa, form an orderly queue and have a butchers at these truly British gifts.
A British Gift for Her: My Botanical Garden China Teapot Bird Feeder

Tea-Related Gifts

What else to start with but the quintessential cup of tea? As a nation of Mrs Doyles, anything tea-related gets a big thumbs up, be it a teacup, teapot or tea gift set. We’ve got the My Botanical Garden China Teapot Bird Feeder, and it’s bloomin’ gorgeous - that’s it in the picture above.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Harry Potter Gifts

Invented by the ingenious English author, J K Rowling, Harry Potter is well and truly part of our modern culture. If you know a muggle who can’t stop reading about the Boy Who Lived, we’ve got plenty of wizarding gifts to add a touch of magic to their Christmas.

Stewardt's Luxury Scottish shortbread

Luxury Scottish Shortbread

Nothing beats that sweet buttery taste of traditional Scottish shortbread. With our selection of luxury shortbreads in nostalgic tins, you can’t go wrong. Choose from tins featuring a classic wartime Spitfire or a cute Westie dog.

British gifts for her: Afternoon tea experiences

Afternoon Tea Experience

It’s time for tea again (we are Brits after all). Traditional afternoon tea experiences make great British presents. You could take them to a range of venues, depending on where you live, or to the lovely Patisserie Valerie. You could also gift them an afternoon tea at a spa for an extra-special treat!

Very British Problems board game

The Very British Problems Board Game

Sorry but we had to put this in for those awkwardly British gift recipients out there. Perfect for a rainy day (you know we have plenty of those), it’s a chance to see who’s the most British of you all. With topics about our supreme politeness, the rain (sorry to bring it up again) and apologising too much, it’s brilliant fun.

Pub Quiz Game

A Classic Pub Quiz Game

Who doesn’t love a good pub quiz? For those who relish them, this game makes a great stocking filler or secret Santa gift. It includes 2,000 different questions and flip charts for scoring, so you can play up to ten themed rounds with two teams - perfect for indulging their competitive streak.

Aston Martin driving experience

Aston Martin Driving Experience

There is and always will be only one car that is quintessentially Bond - the Aston Martin. This exciting gift experience is one car fan's chance to drive one of the coolest vehicles in the world! And if they change their mind about the Aston Martin, they can opt for a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other top cars.

McLaren Remote Controlled Car

McLaren P1 Remote Controlled Car

Another one for car lovers, or more specifically gadget lovers, this McLaren remote-controlled car makes a great gift for kids and big kids alike. Fully controllable with forward, back, left and right controls, they can drive this mini car around like the real thing.

Hand-painted glass folding side table

Poppy Presents

A symbol of remembrance and a pretty wildflower that blooms across the land, poppies are undeniably British. We’ve got plenty of poppy gifts for all your patriotic friends, from gorgeous garden ornaments to pretty homewares. Plus, 50p from every sale of this Gardman poppy bird feeder dish goes to the Royal British Legion, as does £1 for every sale of this Gardman poppy bird bath. We've also got lots of other poppy gifts to give - simply have a browse on our site to check them out.

Monopoly James Bond Edition

Monopoly Roald Dahl Edition

If you know a child who loves Welsh-born Roald Dahl's novels, they'll love this themed Monopoly game. Featuring elements from of all the best stories, they'll get to invest in Wonka's chocolate factories and trade their way to success - and perhaps find a golden ticket or two along the way!

Another of our very British gifts: The Brands that Built Britain Puzzle

Puzzle Gifts

Take them on a trip down memory lane with this 1,000 piece puzzle! Or, if you think they’d prefer something more patriotic, this Trooping the Colour jigsaw would be ideal — it’s emblazoned with union jacks, the British air force and soldiers on the march in front of Buckingham palace. Perfect for any proud Brit.

British food gifts: Mrs Bridges preserves

Very British Preserves

A tasty treat for foodies, award-winning Mrs Bridges preserves are both delicious and quintessentially British food gifts. The much-loved brand was created after Mrs Bridges’ huge success as a cook, moving up from serving ‘respectable’ Victorian families in the English countryside to devising elaborate menus for leading London figures, including King Edward himself. Since then, her brand has immortalised British heritage and become the perfect choice for food gifting.
If you still can’t find any very British gifts that tick all the boxes, keep calm and carry on browsing. Try our collection of fun games and puzzles based on British TV programmes and more, or be inspired by other gift ideas in our entire Christmas Gift Shop.
Have fun shopping!

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