27 Ways to Use Your Scrub Daddy
June 25, 2019

There’s no denying it – the Scrub Daddy is something of a cleaning legend. It’s flying off shelves and is adored by cleaning enthusiasts across the nation – as well as across the pond – including the huge cleaning influencers, Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Queen of Clean.

Whether you’re using your Scrub Daddy or Scrub Mommy in any of its colourful varieties, there are heaps of ways to use it. So if you’re itching to get hinching, check out these top uses below.

And don’t forget your Scrub Daddy Caddy of course when you’re done!

  • Scrub limescale off baths and taps – it comes off much more easily with one of these little scrubbers.
  • Clean off soap scum or dried-on toothpaste from the bath and sink or shower doors.
  • Scrub the skin of carrots and potatoes instead of peeling to make more of the nutrients in the skin. Bits of food won’t stick to your Scrub Daddy, so it’s ideal for this kitchen task.
  • Remove burnt-on food that regular scrubbers just aren’t tough enough for.
  • Clean the oven – bye bye built-up grime!
  • Use the jagged corners to get into the bottom of jug blenders and the rim around the base of nutrient extractor blenders, which can be difficult to clean.
  • Use the smiley face to help you reach the bottom of vases and tall beer glasses.
  • Remove burnt-on dirt and residue from your barbecue grill. (Check out our blog to find out how to clean it the eco-friendly way, and which products to use!)
  • Get right into the corners of your kitchen worktop, sinks and bathtubs – it’s a dream with the jagged edges.
  • Use the smiley face to clean the front and back of your cutlery and utensils simultaneously by running them through the mouth.
  • Scrub off pesky price stickers on the bottom of crockery.
  • Remove glue residue from wooden surfaces without scratching.
  • Give your washing machine a good scrub – especially the filter, which collects all the gunk and causes smells. (Check out our blog for an easy step-by-step guide on how to clean washing machines.)
  • Clean your outdoor hot tub, both around the sides and the jets, which body oils can build up on over time.
  • Shine metal fixtures, whether they’re your taps, lamps or light switches.
  • Remove stubborn glue or paint from your hands after crafting or DIY-ing.
  • Polish the alloys on your car tyres.
  • Remove dirt from cracks or deep scratches on wooden tables and floorboards with help from the jagged edges.
  • Give chopping boards a good scrub to remove food particles from all the knife scratches, especially plastic ones which often have deeper scratches that are breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Get rid of bird poo from your car windscreen or outdoor furniture. As it doesn’t cling onto food particles, it won’t cling onto bird poo either!
  • Use it dry on dirty grout and in corners where mould easily grows, such as where the bath meets the tiles.
  • Clean dried-on residue from coffee or hot chocolate mugs that can be hard to get off the bottom.
  • Scrub your gardening tools – these are often caked in dirt that can be hard to get off.
  • Clean tiles – they can be hard to scrub properly with a cloth and the Scrub Daddy provides enough power to get them sparkling much more easily.
  • Clean inside a microwave and get rid of all those dried-on stains, even in the corners.
  • Clean your toastie maker without scratching – this trusty scrubber can be a godsend for appliances like this as food can really stick on stubbornly, especially in grooves.
  • Remove dirt from around toilet hinges which can be hard to get to and often gather dust and grime.

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Happy cleaning!