What to Take to Uni: A Complete Uni Checklist
August 26, 2021

College is over and the time has finally come to start university - fantastic! There are exciting times ahead, so you need to make sure you have everything you need to take to uni with you.

Make your halls a home with some great value decor, and get all the essentials for your party pre-drinks, easy meals and of course a bit of late-night panic cramming. From bedding and poster-hanging strips to laptops and lamps, we know just what you need to buy for uni - so we’ve created a complete uni checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

We’ve broken down each key area with a list of essentials - check it out and make sure you’re fully kitted out to start your new uni life!

Things to take to uni

There’s quite a lot to buy when you’re moving out and preparing for your first year at uni. Let’s break it down so you know you have everything you’ll need.

Pans and kitchen essentials

First of all, there’s the kitchen equipment. You’ll have three meals a day to make for yourself, so there’s a fair amount you need. When it comes to things like toasters and kettles, these are usually already at your halls, so wait until you get there to find out what’s lacking. If it turns out you need one, you can discuss with your new flatmates who should buy what, or all chip in for one together. 

TIP: An air fryer is well worth investing in if you have enough cash to spare — you can cook whole meals quickly and use less energy to keep the bills down. They also use little to no fat for healthier cooking (to give your body a break after all those post-club takeaways!).


You want to feel at home in your halls, so make sure your room is somewhere you feel happy and comfortable. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in there studying and resting. Get yourself some nice bedding, put up some posters and decorate it your way. 



Towels, soaps and other bathroom supplies are going to be needed, whether you have an en-suit or a communal bathroom. If you’ll be in a house share instead of halls, take some toilet roll with you for your first week and then you can work out between you and your flatmates who’ll buy the next pack. 


Cleaning products

There’ll be parties to be had and someone needs to do the clean-up afterwards! Not to mention general cleaning, whether it’s your bathroom, your bedroom or your communal spaces. 


Other essentials

Having your own laptop will make your life much easier than sharing library resources, as they might be in use when you need them. It also means you can study whenever you want, plus use it as your TV (remember to buy a TV license!). There are several other items you won’t want to start uni without too.