What Type of Mask Should I be Wearing?
July 24, 2020

As the world learns more about Covid-19, the advice on how best to counter the virus changes. This is particularly true of face masks and coverings, which are now widely seen as a crucial part in preventing the spread of Corona, in addition to social distancing and hand washing of course.


While most masks and face coverings won’t protect you from the virus, their use is best summed up by Trish Greenhalgh, professor of primary of primary care health sciences at the University of Oxford: “The job of a cloth face covering isn’t to protect the wearer but to block the source of the infection (what’s known as ‘source control’). The main benefit is most of your germs will be caught in it, making you less of an infection risk to others. My mask protects you; yours protects me”.


UK mask rules


Their use in the UK is already mandatory (punishable by £100 fine if they aren’t worn) on public transport, and from July 24th they will also be required by law to be worn in shops. Given the increased requirement, we thought we’d detail some of your mask or face covering options to keep you shopping.


Types of mask


Disposable: The most common type of mask seen out and about, that are highly breathable and comfortable to wear. Some like the Stay Safe Face Masks also contain a polypropylene filter.


Cotton: Usually pleated or moulded in design to better fit your face. They are soft enough to be comfortable over sensitive skin.


Linen: Linen isn’t an easy environment for germs to breed, so some companies favour this material for its natural antibacterial properties.


Filters: Some masks, like the Delphis Eco Reusable Face Mask come with a filter pocket that when used offers more protection. The mask itself is made from 40% recycled milk bottles with three layer protection, while the handy storage pouch is made from 100% recycled milk bottles, ensuring safety whilst also helping the environment.


Make your own: If you can’t buy a mask for whatever reason, you can still help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by using a scarf, bandana, or making your own. There are plenty of tutorials online, some of which you can do using old clothes and with no sewing involved.


Following the government guidance we please ask all customers to wear masks in our stores.