Wooden Garden Furniture

For outdoor lunches, a spot of sunbathing and that lovely rustic charm, you can’t beat wooden garden furniture. Shop our selection of benches, tables, bench tables, chairs and sets to really make your garden sing.

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Why Buy Wooden Garden Furniture?

Wood has a natural appearance that will blend into your garden perfectly. It is a sturdy material that will resist the different elements once given a suitable treatment. It is also extremely versatile, so you can paint and customise it with the colour of your choice. Wooden garden furniture offers exceptional comfort for any occasion, and timeless elegance. This is why it is among the classics of garden design.

Which Product Should I Choose?

Our wooden garden furniture range includes benches, arbours, and sets to help you make the most of your outdoor space. Some of our products even come with extra accessories, such as a parasol, to provide you with an ideal place to shelter you from the sun. For family diners, we offer a vast choice of assorted wooden garden tables and chairs as well as picnic tables. And for you and your loved one, a wooden bistro set will offer a great space to enjoy an afternoon tea. If you’re looking to add some additional comfort, complete your selection with some garden cushions, which will allow you to get the most relaxation and enjoyment from your furniture.

With possibilities for every budget, our large choice of outdoor furniture includes single items that are bound to make a statement. Our range of garden sofas will instantly transform your space into an outdoor living room. Or, if you’re looking to truly relax and unwind, why not browse our range of sun loungers? Perfect for any occasion, all year round, our wooden furniture collection will enhance your garden and encourage you to tap into the modern trend of outdoor living. And when you no longer require it, simply store it away in an equally durable and useful wooden shed!

To make the most of your wooden outdoor furniture, why not create a designated seating area sheltered by an awning or pergola? Keep the space warm and cosy with the addition of some patio heaters, and add some outdoor lighting for a completely relaxed ambience. With these finishing touches, your wooden furniture will have the perfect home, and will be enjoyed time and time again.

If you want to explore another exciting option for your garden, browse our extensive range of metal and rattan garden furniture.

Which Wood Is The Best Choice for Outdoor Furniture?

Our furniture is made from an assortment of different types of wood, including acacia, teak, and eucalyptus. Acacia is known as a durable wood which has many water-resistant properties. This means it is unlikely to warp and will last well in wet conditions. It also has a high density, making it a good choice for frequently used furniture pieces. Teak wood is another highly durable wood, and has a lot of strength, as well as giving that attractive appearance. This means it will last for many seasons, and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Eucalyptus, similarly, has durability, but also requires very little maintenance. It has a high oil content and water resistancy, meaning it is less likely to rot compared to other types of wood.

Whatever type of wood you choose, if you want to keep it looking in great condition, ensure you are topping up with a treatment at least once a year.

How to Clean, Protect and Preserve Wooden Garden Furniture?

If you want to enhance the longevity of your wooden garden furniture, it is important to take certain steps to preserve the wood. The type of wood your furniture is made from will determine the maintenance required. But a great starting point is to add a suitable outdoor furniture cover throughout the winter and during harsh weather conditions.

If your outdoor furniture is derived from hardwood, very little maintenance is required as this is a naturally hardy timber. A yearly scrub with soapy water, followed by a rinse, should be plenty to keep your garden set clean and looking fresh.

Softwood furniture needs a touch more TLC, as it has fewer natural oils. Rest assured, there are plenty of treatments out there which are easy to apply, and will have your wooden furniture looking as good as new in no time.

Oil helps prevent the wood from getting too dry which can lead to it splitting or cracking. Wood stains are another great preservation treatment, providing the timber with a new lease of life, and enhancing the wood’s natural grain. This is also a great way to bring out your desired colour choice, and protect the wood from sun and water damage. Finally, if your wood’s looking a little grey and dull, a restorer is a great option. Stripping the weathered surface and revealing the natural wood underneath, this treatment can be used prior to staining or adding oil.

Check out our informative blog articles below that will give you extra advice on taking care of and painting your garden furniture.